Shocking discovery: – Insanity

Shocking discovery: – Insanity

Jesse Stewart is passionate about his work as a recycling operator.

He runs Get It Gone Rubbish Removal in Brisbane, Australia, and constantly finds very interesting things.

He often posts photos of his finds on his website Facebook page.

He recently posted two photos that are now going viral on the internet.

A circus acrobat in his 20s was seriously injured after falling just meters from a spinning device during a family show
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Big package

Stuart found a pill box filled with bills.

– Huge money found, he writes in a Facebook post.

In the box was a whopping $7,000 Australian dollars – roughly 50,000 Norwegian kroner.

-I don’t think it was supposed to be thrown away. He writes that he found it in the bottom drawer of an old shelf section.

He explains that there is no need to worry about whether he returned the money or not.

He says: – The money was collected with its owner, and I received a generous tip.

Stabvol: There was approximately 50,000 Norwegian kroner hidden in the pill box. picture:
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– I will not lie…

To the Australian tabloid website says he found the pillbox when he was emptying the shelf section of junk.

The owner of the shelf section was an elderly lady.

– I looked in the drawer, and there was a small black box. I lifted it and it was a bit heavy. I saw a big bundle of money. He says it was crazy.

He says he really wants to keep the money, but…

– I didn’t know what to do with them. “I’m not going to lie to you, I kind of wanted to keep it,” he says.

He raises his eyebrows

He raises his eyebrows

I got 2000 NOK

Stewart says he returned the money to the woman.

She gave him $300 Australian dollars, just over 2,000 Norwegian kroner – the researcher’s fee.

“This is the best I’ve found so far,” he says.

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