Weather, Traffic | Meteorologist on weekend weather: – Winds may be very strong

Weather, Traffic |  Meteorologist on weekend weather: – Winds may be very strong

And low pressure is moving into Norway, and Lofoten will feel it this weekend too.

– Very addictive

Meteorologist Ranvik Eagle, who works at Vervarslinga in Tromsø, knows that Lofoten will be characterized by a weekend of very challenging weather.

– Lofoten has very stormy weather. This weekend. Friday, there will be more showers, mainly snow, and temperatures will rise throughout the day, Eikill said.

Saturday will be worse.

– A good amount of rain will fall overnight into Saturday, and as the ground is still cold, it will freeze as it descends, leading to slippery roads. Winds will increase throughout Saturday morning and become a small storm out of the south. Winds will eventually shift to the west, he says, which will stiffen into a strong storm.

– Strong winds

On Sunday, strong winds are possible. A yellow warning has been issued for all of Nordland.

– There will be a lot of wind, and there may be a full gale on the coast from the west – gusts of 33 – 37 m/s. “We don’t know where it’s going to hit, so we’ve sent out a danger alert for all of Nordland,” Eikill says on Friday morning.

It will be windy throughout Sunday.

– Some rain on Monday and Tuesday. But colder weather with little wind prevails from Wednesday. There are still uncertain predictions, he says.

She knows the driving conditions will be challenging this weekend.

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Challenges await on the roads: – Some days are required


Torghatten Nord announced on Friday that it is canceling the Bodø-Værøy-Røst-Moskenes connection with the MF Værøy B route.

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– Today, Friday 15.12.2023 departure from Bodø at 16:00, 1945 from Røst and 2130 from Værøy have been canceled due to high seas and bad weather in the outer Westfjord. Travelers to Værøy are recommended to use the Landegode A-route ferry departing from Bodø. 1645 says the message.

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