Sigrid Bond Tosvik and Anar Rød Johansen are lovers: – I am glowing

Sigrid Bond Tosvik and Anar Rød Johansen are lovers: – I am glowing

Last week, Sigrid Bond Tosvik (43) took an unknown man to the premiere party. Now she confirms on her podcast that this is her new boyfriend.


Sigrid Bond Tosvik revealed Friday on the “Fladseth” podcast that she is in a relationship.

-I’m no longer single. “Now I lie still with firm support,” she said.

Two days ago, she appeared with Anar Rød Johansson (47 years old) at the first concert of the movie “LOL” – a name that was probably unknown to most people before that.

In today’s episode of “Tosvik Woton” Thus, she confirmed that Ruud Johansson is her new boyfriend.

PRESENTED AHEAD: According to Sigrid Bond Tosvik, it was not planned that the two would pose for photographers last Wednesday.

Before the two decided to pose together, Tosvik says she took Ruud Johansen into a small room backstage.

Tusvik is the host of the humor show “LOL”, and in the room were, among others, Hermann Flesvig, Mikkel Neiva, Siri Christiansen and Robert Stoltenberg. Fleisvig then asked her who the man was.

“Then everyone thinks it’s on Amazon Prime, because we’ve seen so many Primes,” she says in the podcast.

– I say, “This is my friend,” and he gets full applause.

VG tried to get comment from Tusvik and Ruud-Johansen.

– Looks like we’re getting married

During the session in the backstage room, Tosvik decided to show off his new girlfriend.

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– And then I turned to the handsome man – who I think is very handsome since I was hanging out with him – and I said to him, “Damn, you know what, we should go out on the red carpet. You’re so beautiful today,” and I felt so beautiful.

GLOW: Sigrid Bond Tosvik gave several interviews on the blue carpet before deciding to feature Ruud Johanssen.

In a white sequined dress and black tuxedo, the two posed together for photographers.

-We looked like we were going to get married. So I thought it was lucky we looked so good in our clothes today. Then we can take a great photo, instead of “talking about your girlfriend on the podcast” and they find an ugly photo.

Tosvik says in the podcast that she proved that she did not talk much about her new boyfriend, and that he did not ask to be a public figure. She tells her loyal listeners:

– I want to tell you “Fung people”“Fung people”Nickname for “Tusvik & Tønne” listeners.I am the best. Then I said to Anar, the reason I won’t throw you to the wolves is because I learned from an old relationship that it’s stupid to go into details.


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