This was Anne Lindemu's farewell to Lindemu.

This was Anne Lindemu's farewell to Lindemu.

On Wednesday evening, Anne Lindemu said goodbye to Lindemu. After 12 years and 25 seasons, the last “Lindmo” film has been recorded and is in the box.

– Now we will celebrate with a party, says Anne Lindmo to VGTV shortly after the recording ends.

She makes no secret that it's good to put the last record behind her.

– I am very satisfied and feel a great deal of gratitude that I had the trust and permission to do this, Lindemu continues.

Photo: Matthijs Sandblad/VG

On Friday, Lindmo bids farewell to TV viewers. Anne Lindemu does this with Alpine climber Alexander Aamodt Kjelde and actress Renate Rensef, among others, while Susanne Sundför is in charge of the musical element. And so the end of all Norwegian Queen Friday.

Husband: Husband Hasse Lindmo was also in the studio when his wife finished a long run on “Lindmo”. Photo: Matthijs Sandblad/VG

– Actually, that's exactly what it usually is. We've done the same job of preparing and selecting distinguished guests and getting it done. But it's a little different too. Because suddenly this is the last time we're going to do this, this dance we know so well, as Lindmo v told NTB just before the final recording.

She still believes in the concept of talk shows:

– I believe that a good conversation will always captivate us, Anne Lindemo told NTB before the recording of the last programme.

Photo: Matthijs Sandblad/VG

NRK's ​​entertainment editor, Charlo Halvorsen, describes the important day in recent NRK history as “Lindmo” is now broadcast for the last time.

– I don't think you can overestimate how important this program is for hundreds of thousands of Norwegians. Not only as a great talk show, but also as part of a weekend ritual for both people and part of the Norwegian audience. After all, “coming to Lindmu” had become a kind of national acceptance.

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Halvorsen also has a lot of nice things to say about Anne Lindemo:

– Leading a talk show is much more difficult than it may seem. You ideally have to be all-rounder, warm, funny, and a very quick-+g in your head at the same time. Just like Anne.

ON THE WAY OUT: Anne Lindmo is on her way to the studio and recording her latest single “Lindmo”. Photo: Matthijs Sandblad/VG

Although Lindmo is done with the talk show chairs, glamour, and glamor, the award-winning presenter isn't done with NRK. In the fall, she will present a tourism program on the channel.

In February, it became known that the all-Norwegian Anne Lindemo had finished as queen of talk shows. Friday's “Lindmo” will be the last.

On stage: Anne Lindemo is ready to record. The guest list includes people like Alexander Aamodt Kildi, Karin Malin Kelesu, Renate Rainsef, Yaman Kafrnawi, and Fahd Abi Photo: Mattis Sandblad / VG

At the time, Charlo Halvorsen, NRK's ​​entertainment editor, told… campaign NRK has no plans to replace “Lindmo” with a new talk show.

This was justified at the time by changes in the audience's viewing habits. Viewing rates have declined in recent seasons. According to viewing figures from NRK, the show has averaged 478,000 viewers so far this spring. For the fall 2023 season, the average reached 510 thousand, while the corresponding viewership for the spring 2023 season reached 546 thousand.

However, Halvorsen told VG on Wednesday that he could not rule out continuing talk shows on television as a type of talk show.

– But you have to solve some challenges related to eligibility in the new streaming reality. No one has been able to do this yet. But all genres, including talk shows, aim to be relevant to the audience in one way or another. So don't ignore someone cracking the code again, Charlo Halvorsen wrote in an SMS to VG.

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