Cruz Beckham shows his girlfriend for the first time

Cruz Beckham shows his girlfriend for the first time

David (46) and Victoria Beckham (47) have both over the past two decades Create a tumultuous family life. since the firstborn Brooklyn Beckham (22) Entered the world in 1999, she has three more children.

The youngest of them, Harper Seven, has He’s already ten years old, and then perhaps there is nothing to be expected but that the other couple’s sons are on their way to the adult ranks.

While 19-year-old Romeo Beckham has shown an interest in his modeling career and yet showed more to the public last year, 16-year-old Cruz Beckham hasn’t been seen much yet.

Now, however, it may seem that he too is growing up.

surprises: Victoria Beckham has long replaced dancing shoes and the life of a pop star with stiletto heels and a new life as a fashion designer. But this does not mean that she forgot the ancient arts. Video: Victoria Beckham / Instagram
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appeared together

Like older brother Romeo, Cruz has also modeled for a number of projects. However, his great passion has been music since he was young, and he is already eleven years old Signed by Star Manager Scooter Braun (40).

Due to his young age, he has not yet been able to break through, but this does not mean that interest in Beckham’s son does not exist.

This weekend, he was photographed with girlfriend Bliss Chapman (15) at the Reading Festival, and since then the media coverage has been phenomenal. to me the sun Cruz and Bliss have been dating for about a year.

In Love: Cruz arrived alongside his girlfriend this weekend.  Photo: Splash News/NTP
Adores: Cruz arrived hand in hand with his girlfriend this weekend. Photo: Splash News / NTB
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Unlike his brothers Romeo and Brooklyn, Who constantly share boyfriend photos On his social media accounts, Cruz’s relationship was even more withdrawn.

However, it was clear that the couple in love went hand in hand and smiled this weekend, and they did little to hide the relationship from the paparazzi.

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Good Mood: Looks like it was a good mood when they got to the music festival together.  Photo: Zed Jameson / SIPA / Shutterstock / NTB
good mood: There seemed to be a good atmosphere when they got to the music festival together. Photo: Zed Jameson / SIPA / Shutterstock / NTB
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complete confusion

While Cruise appears to be having fun with his first known girlfriend, older brother Brooklyn Beckham is already well on his way to settling down.

Brooklyn has dated a number of girls, until early 2020 In a relationship with model and actress Nicola Peltz (26). Soon it became more serious than his previous relationship, when he just got on his knees for half a year and proposed.

This summer it’s been a year since the couple got engaged, a year filled with declarations of love on social media. However, a wedding has not yet taken place.

More fans However, he closed his eyes to one detail in particular, when the couple shared a photo together on Instagram earlier this summer. In the picture you can see that they both have a ring on their finger.

‘Are you married now? Wedding ring on the left hand? ‘,” one fan wrote – referring to the ring on Brooklyn’s left hand.

Another asked “Are you married?”

Neither Nicholas nor Brooklyn have confirmed that they are married.

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