“Situations”, “delulu”, “to plot” – these are the Tinder trends in 2023

“Situations”, “delulu”, “to plot” – these are the Tinder trends in 2023

Tinder has compiled this year’s dating trends in its “Year in a Swipe” overview.

There they show the most popular trends among Tinder users in 2023.

– It’s very exciting to see that data from Tinder shows that 69 percent of Gen Z want to challenge traditional dating and relationship norms. This year has been marked by a sea change where the journey is considered more important than the outcome itself, says Tinder Marketing Director Melissa Hubley in a press release.

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Trends in Norway

In Norway, there are several notable trends. These are some of the best lists in this country:

Popular interests:

  1. horror movies

  2. Hip Hop

  3. Tennis

  4. Vogue

  5. Walking with the dog

Top Spotify Artists:

  1. Sza

  2. subway

  3. The Weeknd

  4. Travis Scott

  5. Morgan Wallen

Most important dating activities:

  1. prom

  2. promenade

  3. having dinner

  4. Cinema

  5. climbing

In addition, Norwegian Tinder users prefer spending quality time together over physical contact or compliments. In the same vein, most people want to meet physically rather than send a message or call.

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Norway is at the top of the list

Tinder also investigated which countries and cities are the best or worst for different trends on Tinder.

Among other things, users in Korea are the quickest to respond to messages, users in São Paulo have the most photos on their profiles, and users in the state of Mexico have the longest bios.

There is one trend in particular where both Norway and Scandinavia stand out favorably. Norway is among the top three countries that ghosts At least on Tinder.

The least ghostly countries are:

  1. Denmark

  2. Sweden

  3. Norway

  4. Canada

  5. Australia

Norwegians are among the best at replying to messages on Tinder.
picture: Miya Oshiro Jung/NTB scanpix

Dating with low expectations

Tinder overall feels more people will have an open relationship with dating in 2023. More than a quarter of 18-25 year olds on Tinder say they’re “open to exploring” on their profiles. 22% say they are “trying to figure out” what type of relationship they are looking for.

Tinder believes this shows that young singles are more focused on finding relationships, rather than on the goal of finding a relationship.

In the same vein, there are many who state that they want to be the main character in their own lives, i.e. focus on having fun dating and not necessarily finding someone to be happy with for the rest of their lives.

This year, there are five times as many users who have the term “conspiracy dating” in their bios on the app. This means that they date for the good stories and experiences as much as they date to find a lover.

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Tinder has also seen another trend increase in the past year: the slang word “delulu” from the English word “delusional.” It can be translated as arrogant in Norwegian.

The term was used 58 times more in September 2023 than in February. The word is often used to refer to being a little optimistic or naive while dating and hoping for the best – daydreaming about your dates and having somewhat unrealistic expectations.

– While moving into “delulu” dating territory can be fun and flirty in a daydream kind of way, singles are still self-aware enough to point out red flags — both in themselves and in others, Tinder wrote in the press release.


In 2023, “pose” is becoming increasingly popular. The term refers to a kind of situational dating – where you meet not just for the physical, but also to have dinner, watch a movie or do other things together – without being lovers for that reason.

According to Tinder, “organized” dating of this kind, where people meet for specific purposes, is becoming increasingly popular.

A Tinder survey found that 51 percent of young single people are open to new ways to fit dating into their daily routine.

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Women in focus

2023 was a year dominated by “feminine energy,” according to Tinder. Barbie and pink colors have graced many social media accounts.

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift is also the most popular Spotify artist on Tinder this year. Other female artists have also been very popular on the app, such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

In the run-up to Christmas, Mariah Carey has been particularly popular.

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