Skiing, Skiing | It creates reactions: – I try to ignore it

Skiing, Skiing |  It creates reactions: – I try to ignore it

“Take off your hat, Sippy,” Taraji Poe said during the medal ceremony Sunday night.

When the Norwegian national anthem was played during the medal ceremony, Swedish biathlete Sebastian Samuelsson refused to take off his hat. This made headlines in Sweden.

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The party, consisting of the top six podium finishers, was filled with up to five Norwegians during yesterday's 12.5km pursuit race in Nove Mesto on the WC. Swede Samuelsson finished sixth.


During the race, Taraji Poe and Samuelson were able to keep things under control. It all started with Samuelson not wanting to lead the way.

– I went out to the side and tried to wave to him, but he didn't. Then I had to yell at him a little. In the end he came at full speed… It's fun with Seppi, he is a typical winner who uses all means to try to win, says Tarjei Bø. Aftonbladet.

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The argument continued during the medal ceremony.

-I'm a little disappointed in him because of that. I'm a little unsure what rules apply, but surely you have to take your hat off when the national anthem is played? Anyway, I would do it if there was a Swedish national anthem here at the World Cup, says Bo.

The order issued by Bø, Samuelsson had no intention of following it.

– Not for the Norwegian national anthem, the Swede replies.

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– It feels like a bit of a punishment to go to the medal ceremony with five Norwegians and stand and listen to their national anthem. “I try to ignore it,” Samuelson says.

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Blame it on the cold

– Even though the temperature here is high, it gets cold if you take off your hat, so I keep it on, says Samuelson after the criticism.

Sunday's silver winner, Sturla Holm Lægreid, also entered the 'fight'.

– I'll send “Yes, We Love This Country” so Samuelson can learn the lyrics.

Instead, Samuelsson aims to win world championship gold himself, with the Norwegian national anthem replaced by the Swedish anthem.

– I think I did well in the races, but I didn't have margins on my side. Everything has to be perfect if you want to win a medal in the WC. “I'm in good shape, but I have to do a little better,” he says.

The next race is the 20km individual start on Wednesday. The race starts at 17:20.

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