Small portions and room for improvement

Small portions and room for improvement

Where to eat: Asian Sartor.
Title: Gertrudvign 4, 5353 Strom.
Visited: November 6, 2023.
food: Tom ka gai soup, chicken spring rolls, chicken fried rice and cashew pad.
Price level: Main courses from NOK 179, soup from NOK 179, spring rolls from NOK 20.
Dice roll: 3

Trud Eddie Strom

Chef and cookbook author Trude Eide Straume is Vestnytt's regular food reviewer. She was born and raised in Sitra and now lives in Askoy.

In this column, you visit both restaurants where you can sit and eat, and places where you can buy food in one go.

The Asiaten store in Sartorparken is a store that sells food from most countries in Asia, but also serves fast food. They also have two chairs for those who want to eat their food on site. On a Monday morning, there are few people in the store, but several people stop by for lunch.

Lunch dishes with chicken

I told them I had never eaten here before and got the answer that the cashew plate is very good. I order this with beef. Additionally, I order their version of tom kha gai soup, which here is called tom kha. I also order fried rice with chicken and three spring rolls with chicken.

The menu hangs on the wall.
picture: Trud Eddie Strom

I was told that all dishes can be ordered as lunch until 2pm, but they may only contain chicken. It's the first time I've heard this difference. So you can't get steak and shrimp for lunch price here at Asiaten Sartor.

Fifteen minutes of waiting, nothing to complain about, and I ask to take her with me. The only seating area in the store is along a long bench with high chairs with a direct view of the flower shop.

Smiling and happy

While they prepare the food, I walk around and look at the store shelves. There are many exciting things here. Mostly dry goods, but also some vegetables in refrigerators. I noticed that the building is completely dark, and there is very little lighting.

The chef prepares the food.
picture: Trud Eddie Strom

I ask to be allowed to take some photos while my food is being prepared. The inside of the kitchen is really bright and beautiful. The chef seems to enjoy what she is doing.

Little meat

At home, we quickly pack food and put it in bowls and on plates. I start by tasting the spring rolls. It's crispy and good, but I think there's little taste. They also come out with a little fat. The cashew pillow tastes good, but I'm a little disappointed with the portion. They're not very generous here. The size was more like a lunch plate than a dinner plate. I counted up to eight thin slices of meat. Cashews, on the other hand, were not spared.

I have never had such a salty soup

The fried rice tastes good. It was good with vegetables and just the right amount of chicken. The size was like a normal lunch portion. I love tom kha and it's a soup I often make at home, and I also love eating it out. Unfortunately, this was too salty. Very salty and I couldn't eat it.

Fried rice with chicken
picture: Trud Eddie Strom

There were good vegetables in the soup, but I wasn't expecting to find grated carrot and pumpkin in it. In addition, it was soft. There were almost no mushrooms, and only one small coriander leaf was found. The soup is ready to go. I ordered soup as a lunch dish and it wasn't a generous portion until I got home.

Asiaten is a store that sells food products from Asia. They also have a intake six days a week.
picture: Trud Eddie Strom

Three pluses: Very quick preparation, reasonable prices and pleasant service.
Three drawbacks: Food quality varied, premises a bit chaotic, and we didn't get any disposable napkins or cutlery in the bag.
suitable for: everyone.
Conclusion: Here you get food at lightning speed, but the quality and taste vary. Remember to look for offers and package prices if there are several of you dining.

You can also order food online if you prefer. I also thought the portions were small compared to competitors.

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