Snow chaos in Westfold and Telemark – NRK Westfold and Telemark – Local news, TV and radio

Snow chaos in Westfold and Telemark – NRK Westfold and Telemark – Local news, TV and radio

In the last 24 hours, Westfold and Telemark have seen heavy snowfall.

This is noticeable in traffic.

The Norwegian Road Administration says all available personnel are working on plowing and snow removal on major roads.

On the E134 over Haugelifjell, a convoy driver was introduced between Haugelithunlen and Liamreen due to the storm. A new estimate is announced tomorrow afternoon.

Above Haukeli, there is the column driver.

Photo: Bergit Sønstebø Svendseid / NRK

The parked car had to be towed away

Gregor Lünken had to clear a large amount of snow to get into the car parked at Torp Sandefjord Airport to start the new year.

Gregor Lunken

Gregor Lunken stopped at a gas station to change into dry clothes after taking too long to pull out of the parking lot.

Photo: Magnus Skatvedt Iversen / NRK

– Three of us took the car out for two hours. Eventually we got help from others.

He is glad to have a shovel in the car.

– I don't know how others will get out.

Ice problem on Vestfoldbanen

Due to heavy snowfall, train traffic is disrupted.

The Westfold line is closed between Dansberg and Skopje due to weather and a derailed train.

Passengers should expect delays and changes. This will take time, says Bane Nor.

Urges to help

The municipality of Larvik writes on its website that staff in the housing service are taking longer than usual to get home due to the weather.

The conditions are so demanding that they have to take into account that some of the home service visits may be canceled or postponed, says Heidi Larson, the municipality's business manager for home services.

Assessments are made to prioritize those most in need of assistance.

Larson encourages people to help plow driveways and yards if they know people who need a visit from home services.

Several municipalities in Westfold and Telemark write that people understand the problem that not all roads are well plowed. They ask for patience as even so much rain cannot cover everything.

Snow chaos in Horton

At Horton, plowing crews were down a bit this afternoon as those who drove last night needed to rest. Residents are advised to park their cars.

Photo: Robert Hansen / NRK

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