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SV-leder Audun Lysbakken

I am not a private coach. When we have different opinions, it will be known anyway. I can say that I belong to the minority, but the majority must decide, and if opinions are divided, we must make a decision. Then it was my job to argue for it. I do not think this is difficult because it is a dilemma. There are good arguments for and against the SV, says SV party leader Audun Lysbakken in Politisk kvarter.

21 to 18

SV’s national government announced after midnight yesterday that the party was opposed to Norway sending arms to Ukraine, with 21 votes against 18.

Monday came Government until Norway supplies 2,000 anti-tank weapons M72 type for Ukraine.

M72: This stock photo shows a soldier training at Rena. Here are the M72 type tank anti-weapons.

Photo: Anette Ask / Forsvaret / NTB

Lisbeth argues for the end of the party, not wanting to create one with the other Forerunner of future wars.

– MIsn’t this an exceptionally special war of aggression that doesn’t have to have comparable consequences?

Yes, but while there is widespread agreement in Norway on this war, there are differences of opinion on security and foreign policy, which could lead to different views on another issue. So we do not have a complete overview of what this paradigm will create, for example, it is the result of a very quick decision being made without any written review of it in Sorting, for example, says Lisbach.

Many countries send arms

Further Red In the matter of sending arms, the state is opposed.

Norway’s decision comes after several countries, including Finland, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, decided to send arms to Ukraine.

Further Experts who specialize in international law disagree About the effect of Norway’s contribution to the war.

Political Quarterly: SV leader Audon Lisbakken was one of the guests at Wednesday’s political quarter.

The war continued last night in Ukraine, Ukraine’s second largest city There aerial Russian paratroopers entered. This informs the Ukrainian military. Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, has been under attack since the invasion began last Thursday.

– SV understands the government’s decision to donate 2,000 anti-tank missiles, but believes there are still important counter-arguments. Among other things, SV leader Audun Lysbakken says it is important to control what weapons are used for and what kind of consequences this decision will have on future Norwegian arms exports.

The Kharkiv University campus was hit by a rocket attack on Wednesday morning. The police station in the city was also attacked.

The SV decided to support the government’s decision to donate military defense equipment to Ukraine and strongly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

– Each country must choose its role in the process of solidarity with Ukraine. Lisbeth says Norway can make a difference in the first place through humanitarian aid, refugee protection and strong sanctions against Russian oligarchs.

Ukraine’s second-largest city was rocked by several major explosions on Tuesday morning. Dozens of people have been killed in Russian bombings in the past 24 hours.

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