Here, 1,000 Russians are stranded at the expense of the district

Here, 1,000 Russians are stranded at the expense of the district

– It was good fun. People are happy.

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In April, USF Verftet received NOK 1.5 million from Westland County Council. Russ has two free bus events this year.

The first of two events began Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Kjartan Lauritzen entertained the Russian.

Before the concert with Kjartan Lauritzen, there was a rush at the Verftet, but it didn't start running until the concert started at 9.30pm.

Many brought bottles with unknown contents, but the bottles were nowhere to be found except by the guards at the entrance to the arena.

– It's very quiet, we don't have anything yet, says a police officer who was at the scene just before 10pm.

The concert went well before it started.

Olav Tjensvoll, the house manager at USF, estimates that about 1,000 Russians are in place at 10 p.m.

– It went well, no major incidents, it's good fun. People seem to be enjoying themselves a lot, says Tjensvoll.

Apart from the shipyard's own guards, there are police, night owls, the Swedish Road Administration and the Red Cross on land and at sea.

A surprise to the audience

– It was an incredible, incredibly fun concert, Kjärden Lauritsen tells BT after the concert.

“I'm surprised the audience is so restricted,” he says.

– When we play for the students at the Marriott at Sogandal, we have to stop the concert every second, he says.

This was not the case at the Werftet on Wednesday evening.

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– How was this concert compared to other concerts you play?

– It was a bit strange because many people are here for the party. When I have my own concerts, everyone is there to watch the concert. There was a carnival atmosphere here, Lauritzen says.

About 1,000 Russians were in place by 10 p.m.

For alcoholics only

Only Russians are welcome at the Werftet tonight.

The district council has previously made it clear that those traveling by bus are welcome, but buses must stop elsewhere.

– It was a clear message from the organizer earlier on Wednesday that we are not going to stop any buses at Nøstegaten.

The party is for Russians from the entire district.

Björn Linkedal, director of training at the county council, said tourist buses from Voss, Stort, Fusa and Gwynedd had leaked.

– One of the great challenges of Russian time is that some people stay at home, while others may join in. We want it to be inclusive and for everyone to be safe.

The next event will be held on May 16.

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A full house awaits the Russian crowd to-night: — there must be an extraordinary guard

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