– So stupid that it doesn’t work – NRK Sport – Sports news, scores and broadcast schedule

– So stupid that it doesn’t work – NRK Sport – Sports news, scores and broadcast schedule

It’s a stupid situation, because it wasn’t my fault, the sly Pawel Wasik tells NRK.

After he went to the toilet before jumping in the first round, the 24-year-old Pole’s jumping equipment disappeared without a trace at the top of Lysgårdsbakken.

The Polish team claims that one of the volunteers was the one who took the bag and shoes to the elevator and brought them down from the top.

Therefore he was not allowed to jump, because he was not ready in time.

It’s very frustrating. “We came a long way to come here to jump, but because of this situation I can’t jump,” Wasik says.

Competition director Linda Svendsrud says they have spoken to volunteers about the situation.

– The organizer had a plan to drop off the athletes’ bags after they were ready to jump. “A system had been formed about where to put those bags, and unfortunately the Polish athlete’s bag was in that area, along with the bags that looked like they were going to be dropped off,” she says.

Svendsrud continues:

-It is included in the transfer. It’s unfortunate, but now the situation is such that according to the regulations, the athlete is responsible for his own equipment, she says further.

So stupid that it doesn’t work

Wasc coach Thomas Turnbichler says he has never experienced anything like this before and cannot understand that something like this could happen at a World Cup.

He says it’s stupid that it doesn’t work It is to NRK.

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The coach says the athlete discovered the equipment was missing early enough for a member of the Polish support staff to retrieve it, but believes there was a lack of communication on the organiser’s part.

I spoke with the Islamic Salvation Front and said I was very disappointed.

Coach: Thomas Turnbichler.

Photograph: Casper Pemble/Reuters

He’s also unhappy with the jury.

To me that’s not fair of the jury. They weren’t open to any discussion, but that wasn’t his fault. He was not responsible for this situation. The coach says: I hope something like this never happens again.

Norwegian Halvor Egner Granerud was surprised that Wasik, who had the number 36 on his chest, was still next to him at the summit when the number 37 took off.

It’s just pity for him. It’s just crazy. Some were a bit eager to do our job. They were very good about sending us warm clothes, but apparently they got a little excited, says Granerud.

Halvor Aegner Granerud in Rocca

Although a few: Halvor Aegner Granerud.

Photo: Terry Hoganes/NRK

It must be ready on time

Due to a pre-season rule change, the athlete was unable to jump at a later point in the round.

– If the athlete is not ready in the time period in which the athlete has to jump, the athlete does not have the opportunity to jump unless there are some extreme special circumstances. This is what we want to make clear, says Sandro Bertil, head of the racing department at the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS).

– Don’t you think these are special circumstances?

– To be honest, I don’t know. “That’s what I want to make clear,” Bertell says.

note! Stefan Kraft won the race and has won all four races so far this season. Marius Lindvik was the best Norwegian in sixth place.

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