Sober for 50 days – VG

Sober for 50 days - VG
Rumor: Chrissy Teigen, here at a charity event in California in 2019, has over 35 million followers on Instagram.

Chrissy Teigen, 35, does not know if she will ever drink alcohol again.


«Today I was sober for 50 days! It should have been about a year since, but I had a few wine bangs along the way. This is the longest alcohol-free period“,” Quoted Teigen Instagram Sunday.

The 35-year-old, a model, presenter, influencer, and cookbook author, writes that she doesn’t know if she’s turned the cork for good.

«But I know that alcohol does not benefit me in any way. I don’t have fun anymore, I don’t dance anymore, I’m not relaxed. Instead, I get sick, sleep, and wake up poorly – while forgetting what was probably a fun night» appears from Teigen during a video clip with the children.

She stresses that although she ended up having this kind of fun, she admires everyone who can enjoy alcohol in a responsible way.

During the post, it was flooded with over 4,000 comments, mostly from people cheering on Teigen.

Teigen has also stated that she has trained three times over the past week, which was completely unimaginable previously.

– But my teddy bear cubs don’t make it easy, she writes cheerfully during the video.

In 2019, Teigen attracted attention with efull video of her husbandSoul star John Legend (42). Other than that, most of the videos the couple makes are of the more directed and planned type, like this:

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