Solberg will try Putin

Solberg will try Putin

Erna Solberg will hold Vladimir Putin and his associates responsible for the atrocities and war crimes against Ukraine. She described the invasion as a huge mistake.

In his address to the Conservative National Assembly on Saturday morning, the party leader launched a direct attack on Putin’s actions and omissions and the actions of others in the face of the Russian regime that is now showing its true face.

embarrassing mood

Thanks to the courage of the Ukrainians and good preparation, Putin’s invasion quickly turned into an embarrassing mistake. Then he intervened until he had done so many times before: reckless bombing and killing of civilians, said Erna Solberg, and continued:

Consistent war crimes: use of illegal weapons, attacks on hospitals, and arbitrary shootings of civilians. I am pleased to see that many are now investigating these crimes. This struggle, as we all see daily on TV and in social media, is well documented. Erna Solberg concluded that this time there should be a judicial settlement in which the perpetrators are held to account.

– We must understand

The Conservative Party leader also acknowledges that the world has underestimated Putin’s long-standing threat to world peace and justice.

– Perhaps we should have understood where it would actually end when Putin left Grozny in ruins. Or when the Georgian cities were bombed. We should have seen what would happen when Putin kills his opponents at home, and when he also starts killing people who have fled abroad. Erna Solberg said that at least we should have understood that when he conquered and annexed the Crimea.

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It concluded that hope for a positive development in Russia was now forever shattered, and that dictatorial darkness had descended upon the country.

Strengthening defense and EU membership

Conservative reaction to Putin’s aggression and unreliability was a sharp strengthening of defense, loyalty to NATO and a closer relationship with the European Union. Although membership is not relevant in the coming months, Erna Solberg has launched a new discussion about Norwegian EU membership.

Norway has more than 70 cooperation agreements with the European Union. So maybe we’ll run another one. Or: We can find our natural safe place indoors with our friends in democratic and free countries of Europe, said the Conservative leader.

Electricity price

Otherwise, party leader Solberg spent a lot of talking time on energy policy and work life. She believes that this is not the time to replenish the money in the publicly owned electric company, but that higher electricity prices in homes and small businesses must be offset.

IRNA reiterated the message of involving as many people as possible in working life and the need for continuous and continuous education for all. She believes that this should be one of the main issues leading up to the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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