Solution with AUF: – Apartheid blames us

Solution with AUF: – Apartheid blames us

FpU leader Chimen Welle has reacted strongly to suffering accusations of racism from the AUF on the first day of the school election campaign.

Now Unge Høyre leader Ola Svenneby follows and tells about what he has experienced so far in discussions with the AUF.

In a video seen by Dagbladet, Isak Mydske, head of the AUF in Østfold, says that “Høyre and Frp want to sort people by skin color and religion.”

– The AUF, the Conservative Party and the FRP say they are in favor of introducing apartheid in Norway. Then it demands to be answered truthfully and objectively. I see cross-party agreement among other parties that the AUF is the only party that systematically commits such abuses. Svenneby tells Dagbladet that it gives school debates a bad reputation, and it’s sad to see the arrogance of the AUF leadership.

Accusations of racism and small testicles

– In AUF’s post, the Conservative Party and the FRP said they wanted to sort people by religion and skin color, “Believe that this wouldn’t have happened to Ukrainians,” says Svenneby.

Now the young conservative leader pulls a smiley face. This summer, he had a blast in the immigration debate, where he argued for a freeze on immigration.

– With the plan I had this summer, there should be zero pressure on the AUF to make it difficult for us in an honest and truthful way. Svenneby says I welcome tough and difficult debates, but the AUF’s debating system makes it too difficult.

AUF: – The young conservatives lost

AUF vice president Gaute Skjervø responds on behalf of the debaters and the party.

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– It would be a long school election campaign if the right called Dagbladet every time they thought they had lost a debate, Skjervø writes in an email.

Skjervø pulls forward Munnetra Party’s demand in 2020 to give priority to Christian refugees The background of the Conservative Party and the FRP is that they like to sort people by religion and skin color.

– It is clear to everyone that this is sorting out refugees, and the right wing must confront this. It’s also a policy argued by the right, most recently at Skjætlin in Trøndelag, where debater Unge Høyr can hit the table by saying he wants to stop immigration because “some cultures are better than others,” says Skjervo.

School Debate: FpU President Simon Welle responded strongly to AUF’s closing speech during the school debate at Rud VGS in Bærum. Video: @julia.eikeland/Tiktok
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– Humor should be allowed

The AUF vice president believes the party is exhibiting a concerted campaign from the right ahead of the school election campaign.

– Unge Høyre and the FpU have together called Norwegian newspaper editorial offices to complain about the AUF, while their debaters outside the country say apparently inappropriate things. For that reason we can point to many examples of Unge Høyre behaving badly, without calling Dagbladet, says Skjervø.

Skjervø, among other things, was ridiculed by an AUF debater for having a high neck, and Unge Høyre’s deputy picked up a phone during a debate and started filming the counter-debate.

– No wonder all young people are afraid to speak out if they meet enemies, as the deputy leader of the Young Conservative Party did today, Skjervø says before ending:

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– Humor should be allowed, and differences between parties should be allowed to be pointed out. But if someone says something you don’t like, we see this strategy of the right to call Oslo newspapers, from here to the House of the Conservative Party.

FpU: – Arrogance, lying and cheating

FpU leader Simen Welle is upset by the AUF’s accusations and, like Young Conservative leader Sweeney, believes Labour’s youth party is in a special class in school debates.

– As recently as yesterday, it was clearly stated in Dagbladet that this is something I can expect, but in today’s discussions AUF showed that they are dragging it further, Swelle tells Dagbladet that he believes this case is bigger than Unge Høyre. , FpU or AUF.

– The fact that young conservatives are fighting the same things as us is a challenge not only to the right, but to our democracy as a whole. For far too long, the AUF has indulged in arrogance, lies and misdirection of debate. Welle says it’s sad.

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