Solveig Kloppen: Say no to Sinkfield.

Solveig Kloppen: Say no to Sinkfield.

After Stian Blipp quit his job as host at Senkveld last year with Helene Olafsen, he wasn’t sure what his career path would be.

He talks about this in his new podcast “Rådvill”.

Solveig Kloppen is a guest on the first episode, revealing that she turned down TV 2 when she was asked to be the host of “Senkveld” with Stian Blipp in 2018.

Kloppen says she didn’t feel the situation was right for her.

– You never dreamed of leading a talk show

Kloppen has previously hosted a number of programmes, including ‘Idol’, ‘Mandagsklubben’, ‘Norske Talenter’ and most recently ‘En kveld hos Kloppen’.

lack of personality: The cheerful and kind host Solveig Kloppen presents a completely different side of herself in “The King Commands.” Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Stephen Petersen / Red Carpet
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In 2020, she moved from TV 2 to TV Norway, where she now leads the ‘Alle mot alle’ quiz show with John Almas.

The host is also on the lookout for a new podcast, where she and Gunhild Dahlberg read a thrilling short story in every episode.

In a podcast episode with Stian Blipp, Solveig tells Kloppen why she chose to say no to a position as program director on one of the country’s most popular programming concepts.

“Unlike you (Blipp, journal.anm.) I never dreamed of leading a Friday night talk show, says Kloppen.

The host says she prefers to have the opportunity to make her own mark on the concepts of the show, and does not have very high expectations about how she will act.

It wasn’t something that I felt was important or right for me. Jumping into an already existing format made me feel like I had to jump in a tight dress in time, Kloppen says.

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– I didn’t want to do that

On the podcast, former “Senkveld” host Stian Bleib refused to work on the talk show.

Actually, being on TV isn’t my driving force, he told Solveig Kloppen.

Bleib says he stresses being part of the creative process in the products he’s involved in making.

– If it’s just the case that it’s great to be on TV and being paid well, then it doesn’t apply to people like me, he says in the podcast.

Moreover, he talks about that he has no concrete plans for the future.

– I have no idea what I’m going to do now. I have no idea, says Bleib.

– Many current candidates

TV 2’s director of press, Jan-Petter Dahl, says the channel considered several “Senkveld” alternatives after Thomas Numme and Harald Rønneberg chose to resign as broadcasters.

When Thomas and Harald left, we had exploratory conversations with several of the current candidates, Dahl tells Dagbladet.

– We ended up with Helen Olafsen and Stian Bleib, who proved to be excellent, says Dahl.

Stian Blipp mentions in the podcast that he would have made the show a completely different way, if it were up to him.

Jan-Petter Dahl says TV 2 need not comment on Blipp’s thoughts on the way he lived his time in “Senkveld”.

– Blipp has his own take on what it was like to work on ‘Senkveld’. Moreover, there is no need to comment on the case, Dahl says.

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