January 31, 2023


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Song review: Kurt Nielsen – “Get Moving Too”: Kurt gets touchy

FJELLHJELP: Kurt Nilsen is back with a song that’s hard to get excited about.

Kurt Nielsen celebrates 20 years in the spotlight with a sweet yet predictable self-help song.


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Scary, but true: it’s been 20 years since a simple plumber from Bergen sang his way to the top in the first Norwegian season of the talent competition “Idol” – and into the hearts of a large number of Norwegians.

Since then, Kurt Nilsen has carved out his uncharted Americana-based territory in our local pop reality—not least as a constant resource for Christmas spirit.

Although the Corona has sabotaged the 44-year-old’s attempt to end exactly that part of his career Elegantly at Oslo’s Spektrum last year’s eve (watch out for the angels descending on the 2023 Christmas stash!), there’s no denying you’ll hear him use his voice for something other than Christmas music.

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“Get Moving Too” is Nielsen’s first new original song since 2017, though the massive development is yet to be heard.

The message — “Everything will be fine,” in short — is certainly appreciated in times like these, and Kurt’s voice is, as always, an effective tool of comfort. So it’s a shame that the text is so cold and flat. Divorce, where do you work?

Musically, the song is driven by the piano and Kurt’s voice. The expression is tastefully bland and subdued, but the melodic screwballs are sorely lacking. Strictly speaking, this feels like all the pop songs in the world rolled into one easily digestible ball.

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As a first taste of a potential new album, “Get Moving Too” is decent enough, but at the same time impossible to get excited about – in either direction.