June 9, 2023


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Sophia Jock – Hot Transformation

Russia’s Sofia Zhuk won the junior class at Wimbledon in 2018.

Three years later, she was well on her way to joining the top 100 players in the world—at just 18 years old.

But injury problems set her career back on track, and in 2020 she gave up her tennis career due to injuries. Her last match at Wimbledon was in 2019, where she was knocked out in the first qualifying round.

From the tennis court to OnlyFans

My body needs rest. I had so many problems that the doctors couldn’t cure me, I played in terrible pain. I loved tennis, but I had to think about my body. The Russian girl made sense according to the German picture.

After her career, she moved to the United States and Miami, where, among other things, he made a living from modeling appointments and renting cars and yachts. She’s also grown quite massive on Instagram, posting a number of scantily clad photos.

Now Jock has announced that he’s making the move to photo and video platform Onlyfans, where she’ll be selling semi-exposed pictures of herself.

– What you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Bild told her followers that there will be a lot of exciting content.

Former lingerie model and now boxer Arabella del Poso makes headlines before a boxing match.
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But somewhere I set boundaries.

– You assure that I will never be without clothes.

By the way, the opponent of Jock, Anna Blinkova, whom she beat in the 2015 junior Wimbledon final, will also take part in the Grand Slam Roland Garros tournament, which takes place in France.

Blinkova is now No. 66 in the world.

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