Sortlending will be the new Director General of Arts and Sciences

Sortlending will be the new Director General of Arts and Sciences

“It is with joy, anticipation and trepidation that I take this exciting position,” says Dahl in a press release on Saturday.

Nordland Academy of Arts and Sciences imparts art, culture and knowledge at the intersection between art and science. The Academy aims to be a network for researchers, artists, professionals, children and adults, and has been part of the development of the site at Melbo since 1988.

Well-qualified applicants

Maria Johansen has been general manager for 13 years, but will now step down. Chairman Bård Borch Michalsen said that nine qualified applicants wanted to take up the position.

“Many of them were very well qualified, and Nikolai Andersen Dahl stood out,” he says.

Dahl received his education in classical music performance from the Norwegian Academy of Music and Conservatory in Amsterdam and is now undertaking further studies in church music at the Academy of Music. For many years he performed as a harpist, organist and singer with a number of bands in Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and Germany. He now also works as organist in the Diocese of Bigdo.

“An important transmitter of culture”

Dahl says he now has the rare opportunity to move back home to the beautiful Västeralen and bring together complex experiences and expertise in one place, as well as grow into new tasks in a business that relates to himself and many other people.

– I hope that my contribution will be able to secure this important institution as a carrier of culture and an arena for the exchange of opinions and knowledge. We will strengthen relationships with our partners and look after our amazing contributors to the local community, and at the same time, through good communication, we will inspire new volunteers and representatives to get involved. “I hope there will be a rich and complex program of culture, lectures, debates and workshops that will be widely embraced by all walks of life and age groups,” says Endersen Dahl.

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