“Spider-Man 2” was praised for its functionality

“Spider-Man 2” was praised for its functionality

One of the most anticipated games of the year will be released on Friday, and the creators are hoping people will have room for not one, but two Spider-Men in their hearts.


“Spider-Man” is oversold in 2018 20 million copies for PlayStation 4. Two years later, “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” was also well received.

On Friday, Insomniac Games will release its biggest game in the Spider-Man saga yet, “Spider-Man 2.” For the first time, you can now play as both characters together Peter ParkerPeter ParkerSpider-Man’s real name. And as his student Miles Morales.

“We’re very happy with them,” says Doug Sheehan. And he’s not just anyone.

Sheehan was appointed Director of Programming at Insomniac Games, and developed games for the company for 15 years. In a conversation with VG, he said that Miles Morales was a very important addition to the universe.

– When we made the first game, there were several people at Insomniac who read the comics and were very interested in Peter. And then, when we introduced Miles, there was a whole new group that felt represented, that felt like her passion and her Spider-Man were unleashed.

Great Title: Sheehan is the Director of Programming at Insomniac Games.  So he knows what there is to know about games.

In the game, the player should be able to easily switch between the two Spider-Boys, and Sheehan and the team have worked a lot to make the audience feel the chemistry between them.

– We were very careful for Miles’ story to be his story, and Peter’s story to be his story, but for the stories to support each other. And through script and acting as well Yuri and NadejiYuri and NadejiYoroi Lowenthal plays Spider-Man in the games, while Miles Morales is played by Nadji Jeter. The bond between them seems very special.

However, it was important for Miles and Peter to feel like two different characters.

– We’re leaning heavily on what makes Miles unique in the role of Spider-Man. He has his own abilities, but the animation team also gave him very clear body language through the animation. The way he swings, the way he runs, he’s always a little more fluid. We’ve always talked about Peter as a world-class gymnast. He is experienced, sharp and precise. Miles is much more flexible.

SPIDER-MEN: ...Does everything Spider-Men can do.

Premiere on punk

The game will feature reunions with several popular supervillains from the Spider-Man universe, including Lizard, Sandman, and Venom. They have all been previously depicted in various movies and games.

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There is still one villain who appears to be the main antagonist, but perhaps not everyone knows about him: Kraven the Hunter. A great Russian hunter travels to New York to hunt spiders.

-We wanted a villain that fans could enjoy, but also one that we could leave our mark on. There have been a few different representations of Kraven over the years, but not many outside of the comics. We saw it as an opportunity to do something unique. His motives are completely different Otto and Martin LeeOtto and Martin LeeOtto Octavius, also known as Doctor Octopus, and Martin Lee, also known as Mister Negative, are two of the villains of the first game. them in the first match.

– I love what we achieved, and his interaction with Peter. How Kraven tries to bring out the worst in him. For us, it was really fun to showcase something that wasn’t well known outside of comics.

This is Kraven: Sergei Dmitry Semostievich Kravinov, also known as Kraven the Hunter.  Hot guy.

“We ruined the game!”

Although the game will only be available to players on Friday, one spot has already received a lot of attention. “fast travel”“fast travel”A feature that will make it easier for the player to efficiently travel around a large world. This often works by placing a marker on your map, and after some time loading you are at your destination. -The function works so fast that people are on social media Struggling to find a counterpart.

according to IGN Doesn’t such a trip need take more than just a second and a half?

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But the “fast travel” function is not only uncontroversial. Some players have believed for years that this possibility goes beyond the player’s curiosity, and takes away part of the discovery segment in games. When you can teleport from A to Z, you might not bother checking in between.

-It’s about respecting the player’s time. Some games lengthen the playing time because traversing the world takes a long time. “We have a team that has big ambitions to develop ‘fast travel’ and asks ‘how far can we push this?'” says Sheehan.

However, he admits that he was skeptical.

-The first thing I thought was, “Oh my God, we’ve ruined the game.” I thought people would just jump. But it’s about balance. I think we found that balance in this match. We’ve divided the map into areas, and you have to solve different quests in each area before you can unlock Fast Travel. So the player has to actually explore first.


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