It tells about the moment when the spark disappeared

It tells about the moment when the spark disappeared

For nearly two months now, Norwegian viewers have witnessed the company’s hopefuls for this year’s season of “Kompani Lauritzen” experiencing everything – from injuries and tough challenges, to overcoming historical fears and predictions.

On Saturday night, we saw that the six remaining hopefuls completed the so-called “Eternal Walk”, in which they had to walk a walk without knowing the destination or duration. After two tough days in nature, this resulted in two celebrities throwing in the towel before the final.

Among them was Ton Dimley (34), who had previously considered retiring on Wednesday’s episode. She still chose to stay after a tearful conversation with the captain.

– I was so excited before we went into the woods, and we were waiting for this “Day of Survival”. So the motivation was good and we stood up – but then I started to get tired. I started getting a headache, got hungry, and we didn’t even get what we were doing, she told Good Morning Norway.

20 minutes into the rally, the trophy ran for Damley, who surrendered shortly before the final. Regretted this afterwards.

lost the spark

– She was so cruel. That was my reason for trying to move on, to say those words – they’re so brutal! I’m so proud of everything I’ve done, and I’ve been through an incredible amount, she says and continues:

– But when the idea of ​​quitting came up, you’re already halfway on the train. I started thinking about family, and my sparks were gone. I looked at Skjelbæk, who still had that spark, and then thought someone else had to be in the final.

Lost Spark: – It was brutal to say the three words ‘I give up,’ says Damley. Photo: Good morning Norway

With only a day left before the orange hat is distributed, she was not far from the final. This meant another night out in the open, which she herself says was something that had absolutely no connection.

– It was a very close final, which of course is the bitter thing about it. I wanted the orange hat, but at the same time I’m so happy, she says.

TV 2 Sport profile Marius Skjelbeck, 32, was one of the four contestants to earn the coveted hat. However, he does not hide the fact that he admires the efforts of the ladies in this year’s season.

– There is a level difference between the girls and the boys in this company’s remaining ownership now, and I’m very proud of what the other contestants have achieved. I’m proud of Tone too, we’ve been in many competitions where we’ve been in teams. We tried together, we failed together, but then we also had some great moments where we won together, he says with a laugh.

In the final, he stands with Justice Secretary Emily Inger Mehl (28), food influencer Emily “Fu” Neering (26) and reality file Ricky Marie Isaacsen (27). Company ambition Daniel Kavman (33), previously predicted he believed it would be a historic victory—precisely because This year’s first winner of the season can be chosen.

get excited

However, not everyone thinks Skjelbæk has secured a place in the final.

– “Kompani Lauritzen” is a great concept and a good experience because there are some distinct individual differences. I’m pretty good at it, and I see in some comment fields people are debating whether I deserve this hat. I mean, I’ve found an unbelievable number of good arguments that I don’t, but you can also find some good ones that I actually make. I have a very comfortable and kind relationship with that. Personally, I’m proud, and if people have other opinions, I respect that, he says.

HETS: Skjelbæk received the orange final report, which sparked reactions.  Photo: Good morning Norway

HETS: Skjelbæk received the orange final report, which sparked reactions. Photo: Good morning Norway

However, when handing out the orange hat, not everything went according to plan, as we witnessed host Christian Odegaard (48) delete By pulling the hat over the head of aspiring company Skjelbæk. After scoring, he got a new one – this time it was scaled to fit the shape of his head.

“It seems they didn’t quite take into account that the size of my head would end up in a hat,” he said.

– I guess they probably thought it was for Tone?

– Perhaps it is, Skjelbæk replies and laughs.


The big difference between the company’s aspirants is that Dmli has two kids at home who are waiting for her during registration. There she waited for daughter Billy (8) and son Marlon (1), who had not seen her mother for several weeks. She does not hide the fact that it was a difficult experience.

– It was the worst ever. Traveling was rough, but inside it was very busy. We woke up with a bang at seven, and were filmed late into the night. I felt it before I went to bed in the evening, but then also felt so tired that I fell asleep after five minutes, she says of longing for home.

Moreover, she says that only when it was time to call the phone did tears flow when she called home:

– Then there were always some tears, but there was also a motive. I suddenly saw that they are having a great time, and they have a very good father at home. All went well, but tears clearly flowed when they carried me in Oslo S.

Daughter Billy has followed her mother’s journey on TV from home, and according to the artist, she has received a lot of positive comments from others. But when she sat down with her mother and watched the episode that passed Saturday night, her tears welled up.

– She knew I should retire, but she probably wanted me to do my best, says Damley.

sorry for a second

However, Damley admits she felt a little sorry for the choice when she sat home and watched the episode from her living room sofa.

I did not regret a second, or I must admit, that I did, for a second, when I sat down on the sofa and watched. It’s easy then to think “rather south”, but on the whole I’m very happy with the decision. She says it was my right.

Despite the fact that her journey ended just before the final, there were still countless things to be proud of after the experience at Citizensmoen.

– I am very proud of what the body achieves. The fact that one might feel that something is impossible and feel in that vault and dig in it. This is a bit like the captain saying, “It’s only when you’re in the basement that you learn more about yourself,” and I agree with that. But I may have surprised myself on many levels, she says of the experience.

– You end up in such a situation that you have to trust the leader and the equipment. The only thing you can doubt is yourself, your head, and your heart that might say “no.” But you learn a technique for accepting: “Here you’re going to struggle a little bit to do well,” and when you crack that code, it’s amazing what these people make you do, Skjelbæk continues.

When he looks at the difficult times in the camp, he does not hide the fact that he is proud of his own efforts.

– Personally, I feel proud that I was able to maintain a good mood and mood. When I watch everything on TV, I am very happy to see that I am not up to everything and maybe a little clumsy, but if I am cursed, it is just beyond myself. Skjelbæk points out that I am at least fair with others.

– In the evenings when we slept in the barracks, Skjelbæk would tell jokes every night. Certainly a little rough, but then we all just lay there with smiles on our faces, and it was so cute, adds Damley.

Watch “Kompani Lauritzen” on Wednesday and Saturday on TV 2 and TV 2 play.

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