Spira is dead: – Died:

Spira is dead: - Died:

Stephen Falch, 34, better known by her stage name “Spera”, died Monday at the age of 34.

local newspaper Totten today He spoke with the artist’s family from Boverbro who confirmed his death.

We are in shock and in deep sadness. I have nothing to say now, Brother Stian Walsh tells the local newspaper.

On social media, condolences are pouring out to the family, including from top Norwegian artists.

Dagbladet tried to contact Falch’s brother to no avail.

It means more than money

Falch has worked with some of the biggest names in Scandinavian hip-hop. A press release issued regarding his latest single said that his latest album “Uppturer/nedturer” should make him ready for a larger audience. Falch himself stated that music saved his life.

to me Uppland Arbiderblad He said earlier this year what he believes in the reactions to his music.

Every day I listen to how much music means to people. This means more than money and a place in the Lindmo chair.

Among those he has worked with is Jonny Engdahl Selseth, better known as the artist Jaa9. Yesterday he shared his grief over the loss of Falch.

– RIP Spira, wrote on Twitter.

– much appreciated

Hip-hop connoisseur and host of the XO Hiphop music program on Radio Nova, Christian Tesnes, was regularly visited by Falch at the radio studio. Teisnes describes his friend as one of the most productive artists he has ever met. That he always had a project in progress, and that he always ran from studio to studio.

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– I’d like to see him get more recognition while he’s alive. But I believe his large catalog will live on forever. Thyssen told Dagbladet that he made music very timeless.

In particular, it highlights the weak songs Falch released.

– Purely textually, he had a completely unique ability, he continues.

Falch is known for putting interior design in general, and Toten in particular, on the map. Despite the fact that Falch could not become a very big name, a connoisseur of hip-hop says that the artist was highly regarded in the hip-hop community.

– Its catalog speaks for itself. He’s collaborated with some of the biggest names, and he’s been much respected. Tessnes says he was especially respected for his crazy drive.


Among the names he has collaborated with are Falch Tomi T, Onklep, Godsky and Johan Larsson. In addition, he has done gigs with international names such as The Game, Xzibit, Busta Rhymes and Norwegian heroes such as Karpe Diem, Madcon, Klovner i kamp and Herreløse, writes Toten Idag.

Not satisfied: Swedish hip-hop artist Timbuktu couldn’t be asked about the controversy surrounding his new song during the Nobel press conference. Video: Bjorn Langsem / Dagbladet
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“The music and all the powerful songs you’ve created live on forever. Your productivity has been amazing and vibrant. Rest in peace Spira,” wrote Larry Bringsjord at MTG Music, the former record company of Flash.

– and reap

Music producer Kim Morten Mohn collaborated with Falch several times, including producing the album Was It Worth It? together. Mohn describes it as “a great loss for an underrated genius”.

– It was a hidden treasure. He was honestly very smart in everything he did. He was never afraid to try something new. Mohn tells Dagbladet that it was more important for him to be loyal to the art than to follow the standard of hip-hop.

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Good Friends: Kim Morten Mohn and Stephen Falch.  Photo: private

Good Friends: Kim Morten Mohn and Stephen Falch. Photo: private
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Falch wrote and performed all his texts in the dialect. It was important to the twins, says the music producer.

– When we worked on the album “Was it worth it?” We coined the term “local racists.” There are many prejudices against people with accents, especially twins. Therefore, it became important for him to do it in dialect, although perhaps it was less attractive.

Mohn also describes Falch as one of his closest friends. They spent several hundred hours at the Indunsfella studio during the album’s production, and now his friend can’t praise him enough.

He was innovative, unique, and a very brilliant poet. I hope more people will enjoy discovering and testing his genius, Mohn continues.

Dagbladet was unable to confirm the cause of death.

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