Sports, Åsane | The table that shows the rational coach doesn’t just talk nonsense

Sports, Åsane |  The table that shows the rational coach doesn’t just talk nonsense

After a crisis at the start of the season, Åsane finally won when they beat Bryne 2-1 in the last game before the national team break. It took 12 matches before the first three points of the season came into the penalty area.

It naturally caused the warning lights to flash, but sensible coach Morten Rosland maintained throughout that the Orange played good football and delivered a performance that should have given more than it received.

clarification? Yes, maybe, but it’s actually not Røssland’s swagger. Because if football was defined by stats, sane would be a top team!

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biggest deviation

After twelve matches, Åsane was last in the top division with eight points, but according to Wyscout’s predicted points table, Åsane should have had a lot more points. The table is based on goal chances for and against, which Wyscout believes should have resulted in goals and points.

The Analyzer thinks that “Sen” should have got ten points more than he’s got so far! No team in the division has a greater expected point deviation. If you use the analysis table as a basis, Åsane should have qualified for promotion with 18 points and was only four points behind the top of the table.

– I’ve been a top football coach for 15 years and I’ve never experienced anything like this. Røssland and Rambles says about:

– We’ve received five penalties! It’s completely crazy. That’s more than you can count for an entire season, and we’re not even halfway there. And worst of all; Three of them should not have been penalties!

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Then he seeks two penalties against Ranheim (2-3) and the big refereeing foul in the first leg against Start (2-2), in which a penalty kick was awarded to the visitors after a foul occurred. Obviously outside the box.

The hardest thing about being a coach is when you feel the performance is good, but the results are not forthcoming. Because then it takes longer to make the changes. At the same time, players, the audience, and you in the media will start to grumble if it goes on for too long without action, says Rosland.

Wyscout table

  1. Kongsfinger 21.7 (24)
  2. Kristiansund 20.5 (21)
  3. Moose 19.7 (16)
  4. YMCA 18.3 (19)
  5. Sundance Olive 18.3 (13)
  6. Asane 18.2 (8)
  7. Home 17.8 (17)
  8. Sogndal 16.8 (21)
  9. Fredrikstad 15.9 (22)
  10. Ranheim 15.8 (20)
  11. Brian 14.8 (10)
  12. Mjondalen 14.6 (15)
  13. Wolverine 14.2 (18)
  14. Spoon 13.7 (10)
  15. Rafos 12.6 (10)
  16. Height 12.4 (14)

Actual points are in parentheses.

Potential disaster is marked

When asked if he could describe in one word how important the victory at Jæren was, the answer comes immediately.

Season break.

– I have to pay tribute to the group that stood by it, even after eleven games without a win. I get hungry all the time, but before Brian’s game I noticed the mentality was starting to slip. For his faith, this victory was absolutely decisive, Rosland believes.

A solid away win against a powerful Bryan at home means Åsane can come into the national team break with shoulders slightly lowered.

– Now we’re in again. It’s so close that if we can get two or three wins in a row, we’re suddenly in the middle of the table.

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90% mental

British Airways football expert Jonas Groner calls Belle’s numbers ridiculous and compares them to Brann’s situation two years earlier.

The Red Shirts have moved down from the elite series, but according to Wyscout they should have finished a comfortable seventh with 19 points over 26.

– These are emotionless systems that sit and calculate based on numerical data, but cannot take into account the most important thing; That is, what happens in the minds of the players. It’s where 90 percent of a football match is decided. That’s why you can’t look at stats blindly, Groner says.

Wiverd Tromsø, currently ranked 3rd in the Elite Series.

– According to statistics, they should have been in the relegation zone. But they thrive on good experiences and have built enormous confidence because of it, says the football expert.

– Now Åsan is victorious one last time, but the danger of using stats as an excuse is that the acceptance of losing grows in the subconscious. Rosland must be careful not to turn it into a losing team with a losing mentality.

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