Steel traps: counterfeit weapons hit the Russian economy

Steel traps: counterfeit weapons hit the Russian economy

Ukrainian D-20 howitzers, US-made M777 howitzers, mortar tubes and anti-aircraft radars. The list of battlefield weapon systems is long, but it is very likely that Ukrainian metallurgy company Metinvest has imitated them, or is in the process of doing so, according to the steel mills producing the imitations.

According to a company spokesman, who requested anonymity, the goal is to impoverish the economy of the Russian war machine.

– War is expensive, and we need the Russians to spend money on using drones and missiles to destroy our traps, explains Metinvest spokesman To the news media CNN.

No experience with weapons

Before the war, the ironworks had no experience in weapons production, but now they have found a way to use enough metal in models to fool Russian drones and missiles.

When the war began, the company’s workers tried to make copies to be transported to the front lines, to make Ukraine appear better armed than it actually was. But as the war rages on and the sophistication of weapons arriving in the country increases, so do Metinfest’s traps.

-The sooner it is destroyed, the better

The real test now – the measure of the success of every decoy – is how long they remain in the field. If a design drags on too long, the company’s designers go back to the drawing board. As a result, the company’s catalog of fake weapons is impressively long and diverse.

We do not count the number of traps produced, but rather the number of those destroyed, and this is the main issue for us. The sooner our traps are destroyed, the better for us, the spokesperson told the news site.

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