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Lerøy Aurora i Ersfjorden på Kvaløya

Operating profit of NOK 831 million was 44 percent higher than the same period last year.

This is the highest turnover in any quarter in the group’s history.

Strong demand for seafood led to significantly better price performance for the group’s core products compared to the same period last year.

IN Stock market notification Salmon prices have dropped significantly since the second quarter, but are still higher than last year, Leroy writes. The company estimates that the company will have cut 202,000 tons (GWTSalmon and Trout in 2023.

This is 5,000 tonnes less than the expected result for the whole of 2022.

Figures are due next week for LeRoy Seafood Group It announced layoffs of 339 employees at its three facilities since New Year.

The government justifies the layoffs with the discretion to introduce them Basic rent tax on fish farming Including New Years.

It is also known as the salmon tax because it requires a higher tax on profits from salmon farming.

The salmon tax should be postponed

Leroy feels that the proposal has weaknesses due to a lack of insight into the dynamics of the industry.

Committee chairman Henning Beltestad said the government’s proposal leads to uncertainty and a breach of trust.

– The consequences for Lerøy and our employees are very serious, and our expectation is that the implementation of the proposal will be postponed so that a full consultation round can be continued and carried out with a broader solution in Storting, says Beltestat.

Team manager Henning Beltestad.

Photo: Trickway Hellestre / NRK

Cornerstone company Lerøy Aurora in Skjervøy has laid off 158 of its employees in a month. Only 22 employees will be there then.

Managing director Kurt-Einar Carlsson previously told NRK that he would not be able to secure new contracts for salmon processing.

Kurt-Einar Karlsson, general manager at Leroy Aurora in Skjervi

General Manager at Leroy Aurora, Kurt-Einar Larsson.

Photo: Hans-Ludwig Andreasen / NRK

– Carlson said it was absolutely terrifying to be in a situation where I had to give a layoff notice to the same employees who helped build the adventure on Skjervøy.

In 2021, Lerøy Seafood Group ASA had an after-tax profit of NOK 1.42 billion. The company paid Rs 1.49 billion as ordinary dividend to its shareholders. The company holds 74 percent stake.

NHO’s CEO, Ole Erik Almlid, expressed concern about the effects of the land rent tax on top of existing tax costs.

He believes the government should postpone the introduction and carry out a proper impact assessment of the proposal before it is sent to the Storting.

“The workplaces of Norwegian private owners and ordinary people are the foundation of Norwegian business and the basis of life in many coastal communities,” Almlid told NRK when Lerøy learned of the layoff announcement.

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