Tiffany Trump’s Wedding: – Not appropriate

Tiffany Trump's Wedding: - Not appropriate

This weekend, Donald Trump’s youngest daughter, 76, wed Tiffany Trump, 29, at her father’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

Unexpectedly, large parts of the Trump family were in attendance, and big sister Ivanka, 41, was no exception. She was Tiffany’s best man during the big wedding, after which she shared several photos on social media.

In the photos Ivanka posted to Instagram, it appears that large parts of the family have opted to dress in either pastel colors or sparkly dresses.

“You must be angry.”

However, the dress that Melania wore to the wedding steals the spotlight. She chose to wear a cream colored dress for the occasion.

“Okay, Melania’s dress may not be all white, but it’s still close enough to be inappropriate to wear to her daughter’s wedding. Marla (Tiffany’s mother, press note) should be pissed, I will be,” among the reactions on Twitter, According to The Independent.

And who wears a white or cream dress to a wedding? And Melania, of course, tweeted again, noting that it was “the bride’s day to be in the spotlight.”

Melania has yet to comment on the case, he writes Newsweek.

Going viral: Melania and Donald Trump’s relationship has been the subject of much discussion lately, and rumors of a faltering marriage have not diminished after this clip went viral. Correspondent: Björg Dahle-Johansen. Video: Ap/NTB/Twitter
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Black Dress

However, it wasn’t just Melania’s dress that caused a stir. Kimberly Guilfoyle (53), girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. (44) She appeared in a black dress.

When Ivanka shared photos from the big day, the photo above was cropped so Kimberly was no longer a part of it.

Wedding etiquette expert Elaine Swan previously reported Brides magazine Wearing black is the wrong move.

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However, Swan also said that Modern Bride has endorsed acceptance of the color.

“It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to wear black to a wedding.”

It is not known whether Tiffany Trump asked the guests to dress in certain colors.

It is clear to Swan that if a bride sets guidelines for colors and clothing, they must be followed.

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