“Stor cannot continue ostrich politics in Kergol case”

“Stor cannot continue ostrich politics in Kergol case”

Burying your head in the sand is cowardice. It is not Nord University that is going to rule the country.

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He packed first Kerkol case Water and pot. Later he relaxed the assessment On the external sensor.

“Kerkol should be treated as an ordinary student”, Prime Minister Jonas Karstor says.

He won't assess whether his faith in Ingwilt Kerkol is intact until the Nord University plagiarism case is over.

Academia is not riding along The day they saddle up, slow it down. Activities can be winter and spring. So, Storr has dug a hole, given himself plenty of time to put his head down safely and postpone the difficult decision.

He needs to dig in again soon.

This ostrich policy is cowardly and everyone involved loses.

Both Sandra Borch (Ap) and Ingvild Kjerkol (Ap) stress transcripts in their master's theses.

Kerkol was not a student, he is a minister in Govt. It's not Nord University that rules the country, it's Jonas Car Store.

The Ostrich series joins the already well-established story of Store's lackluster energy and stumbling leadership style.

That's understandable The Prime Minister wants a decision, or at least someone with real formal knowledge says where the cheat list is. And if Kerkol has to leave, replacing her won't be easy either. She is the centerpiece of the Labor Party, a minister in a senior position and a loyal woman to the otherwise inflamed Trendelák.

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Yet: academic fraud and political trust are not necessarily overlapping dimensions.

The facts are really on the table here, right? It does not suit the head of state to hesitate for long.

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Law Professor:- Not just plagiarism but research fraud

Health Minister Ingwilt Kerkol (AP) submitted a master's thesis in 2021, several paragraphs of which are transcripts.

To Ingwilt Kergol Training is hard. When the store doesn't protect her or put an end to it, she is left hanging there to be mocked.

We are waiting for the university people to finish chewing the pastries and their pro and con analyses, digging in New examples will follow On “Textual Unity”.

There's a whole bunch of people doing that fine-tuning every paragraph in that master's thesis. People are angry now.

Normal students are treated harshly and uncompromisingly in cheating cases. Ironically, these days the Govt Double the maximum penalty for cheating. A student has been pulled by the government itself All the way up to the Supreme Court to write their own Text.

Why should a minister get off easy?

The Ostrich series joins Storr's well-established narrative of sluggish energy and floundering leadership style, writes politics editor Eirin Eikefjord.

Big collections too Nord University in a tricky position. 121 pages on knowledge management are not the only things that case managers have on their desks. This is the minister's scalp.

In this case the litigants are under severe pressure from both political and academic sides.

Professor Asbjørn Røiseland – one of Kjerkol's quoted victims – tells NRK:

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“It is unfair for the Prime Minister to push Nord University forward. They are placed in an almost impossible situation.”

These scandals make for busy days for the Jonas Kahr store.  He appointed a replacement for Education Minister Sandra Porch: Edmund Hoyle (SP).

Before she could appeal the theft conviction And resigned in shame, former education minister Sandra Porch (SP) said it was important for students and universities. The regulation of fraud and its enforcement is easy to understand.

Professor of Law at UiO Ole-Andreas Rognstad Pointing to the basic principle of quality and reliability: “Search for Truth, Commitment to Truth, Honesty and Integrity”.

Can't we base the government on that?

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