Store Store met Amalie (24) from the discussion:

Store Store met Amalie (24) from the discussion:

Prime Minister Jonas Karstor has put a difficult week behind him when TV 2 meets him at Rufus, a second-hand store in Colbotn, Nordre Follo.

It started with a crisis meeting at APS’ central board after historically poor readings. There was agreement that to restore trust, the party must be closer to the people’s daily lives.

The next day, all Aps members in the government and the Storting refused to talk about poverty in a debate on NRK.

At a thrift store for children’s clothing, the store had a surprise meeting with plucky Amalie on Friday, who opened up about her difficult financial situation on the project.

The encounter makes an impact

He is on work permit, but now occasionally gets work shifts at Rufus through the NAV program.

It’s a coincidence that she’s at work on this particular day, and the surprise encounter has an impact on the store.

– This place is great because it sells really good clothes at reasonable prices, but young people like Amalie, who I met here, try their hand at full-time work. It is the beginning of an important part of life, so much more!

– Now the Labor Party is doing badly in the polls. Does it make you a little more defensive about standing up?

– No answer to that. We have to be everywhere and discuss, and there is a lot to be aggressive about. It’s wrong that we don’t stop to debate, sometimes we make human mistakes. We should be everywhere where politics and real life are discussed. Then we must learn to listen and accept it. We’re doing it all over the country and we’ll be doing more,” Storr says.

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Buying gifts for grandchildren

Project manager Nora Charlotte Issachen shows the store around the store. Many people buy and sell used children’s clothes – a lot to save in tight times.

Burdick accepts new clothing donations from manager Sophie Gallant and parent-of-three Vito Tavadasa.

– Hello, Jonas greets Vito and hands over, among other things, a box of winter boots that have become too small.

– These shoes cost NOK 1,000 in a normal store in the shopping center, so those who buy them are lucky. It’s first-come, first-served, says Issachen.

Storr finds a fleece jumper for his 3-year-old grandson and hands it to the counter.

– It was very good, you can be satisfied with it, says Amalie.

– Now I get good help from Amalie and I think I bought well. NOK 90 is pretty good, and that Pokemon box is for one of the seven, the store smiled and shook hands, thanking the trade.

Recycling: Jonas Karr Store with Amalie Engen and Store Manager and Project Manager Nora Charlotte Issachen. Photo: Od Arne Hartvikson / TV2

– When people get bad advice and realize it first, must it be hard to convince them that things have gotten better in your government?

– It’s difficult in expensive times, we have to explain it, because everything becomes expensive – electricity, fuel, food, clothes. What do we do about it, it’s a big international event.

– It affects people’s lives in the here and now, and we work to help people who are exposed so they can manage, and we have to do that in many ways. Then the price should be reduced again so that it becomes normal. We have to put it all together, and then we need to do new things like here, where, among other things, hubs make it easier for people to get to work, and a way to get work whenever they want. Time is as expensive as it is now.

People in front of the king and queen

The prime minister himself revealed at a press lodge briefing in Storting on Thursday that the royal couple were at an informal dinner last week when AUF president Astrid Holm settled in with local team leader Trond Kiske.

Storr’s wife made chicken stew according to an old recipe, and he served the rice.

– Now it is not among ordinary people, but you have visits from the king and queen at home. Which one do you like the most?

– No, I really like this part of the job, because this is real life. But when you’re the PM, you have to do a lot of things, and in one day you can have a lot of agenda items that have a huge variance. It’s exciting, but this is what I like the most, because here we see the results of politics. Good day at work, recycling and seeing young people come to work.

Video: Here’s the store going to the thrift store in Colbotn:

Never doubt yourself

Ap had another poor poll this week, with 16.7 support in Sentio’s November poll for Nettavisen.

At the same time, Ap and Sp had many of their own mayors against them in a dispute over the salmon tax.

On board: Store hopes for better times ahead for Ap.  Photo: Od Arne Hartvikson / TV2

On board: Store hopes for better times ahead for Ap. Photo: Od Arne Hartvikson / TV2

But even when it storms at its worst, he says there’s no doubt he’s right to be prime minister.

– Never. I don’t do it on hard days, so I think it’s an amazing opportunity in life to have it. After all, I work with people on things that can make a difference in people’s lives. People here at Rufus are happy to be on a team with them, says Storr.

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