Altibox and TV 2, Altibox

Altibox and TV 2, Altibox

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Many Altibox customers are very tired of the conflict between TV 2 and Altibox. We have been without TV2 for almost five months.

Initially, many were on the “side” of Altibox because we didn’t have to pay for more content than we wanted, but now many believe that it is better to pay a little more and get TV2 back. Altibox contract, we still pay as before.

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Now we can get 50 points to buy other TV channels but many people don’t want more channels.

Another option is to receive NOK 100 per month as compensation for buying TV 2 Play yourself, but this does not apply to co-owners and housing associations with collective agreements for TV packages.

But even with the NOK 100 compensation, we are left out badly when we have to buy TV 2 play in addition to the Altibox agreement.

If a new contract between TV 2 and Altibox is concluded, the additional price we paid for access to TV 2 (some days after 6 months, NOK 199) may be higher than the new monthly price at Altibox. (Compare the outcome of the dispute between TV2 and Delia).

Quote from the campaign: “Telia’s TV customers get TV 2 drama “at no extra charge” but have to pay an extra NOK 40 a month for their TV subscription.”

I strongly doubt that Altibox is now “Norway’s most satisfied customers”. Maybe they should stop advertising. Soon they will have Norway’s most dissatisfied customers!

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A loyal, very dissatisfied Altibox customer.

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