Strong winds blow trucks from E39 – NRK Westland

Trafikkuhell på E39 i Våtedalen.

The main road between Nordfjord and Sunnfjord is closed on both Egge and Klakegg. There is a huge queue in the city.

This is due to many traffic accidents due to the bad weather in the city.

– Landslide occurred on the other side of the river, causing a truck and car to explode on the road, says Robben Flolo, a firefighter at the Globen Fire and Rescue Mission.

A geologist is in town and evaluated the habitat on the mountain side.

– Due to the weather, police will wait to open the road until the train is rescued, says 110 West Morten Frantzen.

Bilberger has been asked and should not be too far from the scene of the accident.

Vegtrafiksentralen reports that once the train is recovered, the road will be reopened immediately.

Landslide was first reported

It was initially reported that the lorry could be covered by an avalanche and that two cars had collided in connection with it.

It turns out that this is not the case.

– There will be more traffic accidents on this road. Currently the worst weather is reported there, with strong winds and blizzards confirmed after the Tom Eric Englostad report on Vegtrafiksentralen.

Police say no injuries were reported and that a car valley was being cleared. There will be a lot of snow in the area and it will be difficult for the patrol to get a full view.

Closed: Naudetatane rumor spreads after an avalanche was reported in Våtedalen. It turned out that the news was not true.

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