Support for Ukraine is at risk

Support for Ukraine is at risk

Vladimir Putin may be on his way to achieving his goals. Because in both the United States and Europe there are signs that support for Ukraine is eroding.

President Joe Biden may have difficulty mustering support for Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The short version

Before last weekend’s elections in Slovakia, Robert Fico promised that he would not send a single bullet into Ukraine. His party received 23 percent of the vote and became the largest party in the country.

Like Hungary Viktor Orbán Wants he Immediate cessation of hostilities in Ukraine. It is possible that Kiev will be forced to cede territory to aggressor Russia.

At the same time that Slovaks went to the polls, American politicians negotiated a budget settlement. The agreement they reached does not allocate a single dollar to Ukraine.

After the massive Russian invasion, many were surprised by how unified the West was in its support of the Ukrainians. Elections in Slovakia and the budget settlement in the United States show signs that the agreement is cracking.

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