Mintes David (10): – It is good to gather in sorrow

Mintes David (10): – It is good to gather in sorrow

At the weekend, David Hegre, from Santnes, lost his life in a fall in Cirdal. A memorial meeting was organized at his school on Wednesday.

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David Hegre was on a picnic with his family near the Fitzgeland Ski Lift in Sirdaal when he fell down a ten-metre cliff.

He was taken by air ambulance to Stavanger University Hospital where he suffered serious injuries and died at the hospital.

David was ten years old and a fifth grader at Sandwood School in Sandnes. A memorial service was held for him on Wednesday morning.

– It was strong, but it’s good to gather in grief, Sri Selvikvak, principal of Sandved School, tells Verno VG.

The boy fell here on Saturday.

The commemoration was organized for the fifth grade and David was in the class. Throughout the day, students can attend school.

– A table has a picture of David, flowers and candles. Children can place drawings and letters on the table. It will become a memory book. There was singing and music, says Verno.

About 700 students study in this school.

– David was a good and happy boy who was loved by many and he is greatly missed, Headmaster Viji said on Tuesday.

Police previously said they had no reason to believe it was anything other than a tragic accident.

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