Help, we were hacked – Viji

Help, we were hacked - Viji
Takes with humor: Kale Helwang Larson, Ivind Rafto and Anders Hoff were hacked on Facebook behind “Fast Men”, but laugh at everything. The picture was taken in 2012 from Gulruton.

After desperately trying to reach out to Facebook for two days to prevent hacker attacks on their Facebook page, the “Fast Men” hope someone can help them.


Vindyvind Rafto, one of the three members of the trio, said that the Facebook page of the comedy trio “Fast Men” has been hacked. At 3pm on Tuesday, a countdown video was released from the account, but Rafto himself writes under the record that the site has been hacked and that they are working on the case.

Viji first reported the case at 16.00 on Tuesday. An hour later, Rafto calls VG for help.

– We and our management, Plan B, have been trying to access Facebook for almost two days now but it is completely hopeless, so I may hope that VG can help us to communicate with someone who can communicate with Facebook, to Rafto Dip Phone Viji.

– Australian with semi-scary profile picture

Since the end of August, the comedy trio, which includes Kale Hellewang-Larson, Anders Hoff and Ivind Rafto, has been promoting their show four years after using their Facebook page with 175,000 followers.

– Facebook has worked well to promote so far. We’ve sold nine shows that way and now we do not know how to regain control of our site.

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– We want to publish ourselves to our followers. For our part, it’s important to know that our fans are not us, but an Australian with a semi-scary profile picture, like a Viking with a sword, who can now do what he wants with our fans, says Rafto Viji and laugh.

Excitement about the countdown

Do you know anything about why you were cut?

– Kale Hellewang-Larson was hacked first, so I think he may have hacked us from there. I don’t know what to do with it. As far as I know, there are three Australian men in T-shirts and shorts who are now calling themselves “fast men” and laughing that Rafto is trying to storm Norway.

– You laugh a lot here, so do you see the humor in it?

– Yes, I do. It’s nonsense that we did not reach Facebook, but it’s a little funny. In addition, it is exciting to see what the countdown will lead to on the Facebook page. Like all the fans who hear that, I’m excited, says Rafto.

Are you now afraid that your account may also be hacked? Here’s how to check it out.

– Will the hacking be part of the show?

– Yes, we are half scared of him, the question is not to turn the Viking Australian into an number. He’s almost earned it, Rafto laughs.

From humor to seriousness, Rafto realizes that the page may have been lost.

– If we don’t like Facebook, we should almost create a new one. In that case, we can only hope that our followers will join us. I hope they like us very much, Rafto says.

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