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Stavanger universitetssjukehus (SUS)

This article is over a month old and may contain old advice from authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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‘It was an epidemic’ One of Norway’s leading epidemiologists wrote: In June 2021.

Since then we have seen Infection rates are higher than everwhich is a virus variant that is more contagious and potentially explosive In several hospitals.

But now something is going on.

Half of corona patients He is in hospital for reasons other than COVID-19. government is open to up to 1500 people In internal events and The Minister of Health warns Great relief in the coronation proceedings next week.

– What we are seeing now is a positive development of the epidemic, says Eldar Soered, director of Stavanger University Hospital (SUS).

In the hospital, the number of corona patients is down and no one has finished using a ventilator since Christmas.

Stavanger University Hospital has fewer coronary artery patients in hospital than before.

Photo: Joseph Benoni Ness Tveit/NRK

There are no new devices on the ventilator

There are 17 patients with coronary heart disease in SUS. Seven of those are on a ventilator.

They all have doctors since Christmas last year.

Patients need help with breathing and a respirator Which previously caused problems for hospitalsBecause these critical care patients require a lot of staff and resources.

In all, there are now 17 inpatients with CHD on the SUS, including seven on a ventilator. Half of these people are infected with the Corona virus Dual Diagnostic.

Stavanger University Hospital (SUS)

SUS informs that patients in the intensive care unit require a lot of hospitalization, but that oomicron infections rarely occur.

Photo: Joseph Benoni Ness Tveit/NRK

Continuous increase in infection

Today, more than 24,000 people have contracted the coronavirus across the country. Over 1,900 of these are in Rogaland, but fewer and fewer hosts are accepted into SUS With Corona as the main reason.

As the infection increases in the community, more people also get COVID-19 infection as a common diagnosis. They could be in labour, or have a stroke or kidney failure, Sored says.

The hospital still has to isolate patients if they have covid-19, despite the fact that they often have milder symptoms.

– Inpatients are not like last year or 2020 with respiratory failure. It’s a different situation now, he says.

Eldar Soured

Eldar Soreid is the topic manager at SUS.

Photo: Rolv Christian Topdahl / NRK

Sored says that although the situation may change, the Omicron variant appears to be a positive development in the pandemic.

The challenge for the hospital now is that they have so many infected staff members that they still have to postpone operations.

– It’s a big challenge. Although we have the opportunity to bring in people to cover portions of sick leave, it’s the employees themselves who have to bear the brunt of a lot of the extra work, he says.

People ask for cough syrup

Kåre Reiten is a GP in Stavanger and believes it is time to loosen the restrictions, As the Minister of Health said, it will happen next week.

– I’ve had a lot of patients who’ve had Omicron in the past two months and I can’t think of anyone who was really sick. For most people, Ritten says, it’s a mild cold.

He believes that the sick leave for him and other GPs now to have to give up on omicron infection is causing more harm to society as a whole than if the infected people had to decide in their own way how long they were healthy enough to go to work.

This is partly because oomicron infection, in his opinion, has few and few symptoms.

Some may have asked me for a cough syrup, but that’s the only thing, says Ritten.

Ritten hate

GP Kåre Reiten believes it is time to loosen restrictions in the community.

Photo: Joseph Benoni Ness Tveit/NRK

At the beginning of next week, the government will hold a press conference at which Health Minister Ingfeld Kirkol will warn of significant relief.

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