There is room for more pay for employees this year

There is room for more pay for employees this year

Tariff power: Fellesforbundet leader Jørn Eggum, LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik and Fagforbundet leader Mette Nord pictured regarding LO surpassing 1 million members in 2023.
(Photo: Oda Louise Toven, Lou)

There is good profitability in the industry and room for more wages this year, LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik wrote in an OSS commentary.

22.01.2024 By LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik

Last updated: 08.02.2024

We tend to say that shop supervisors are safe and well educated Active clubs in individual workplaces are the most important benefit for members of the continental confederations.

it's you Which supports members' interests towards the employer and creates commitment and activity in the individual workplace. You are the ones who put collective agreements into effect. Without you there would be no clubs. Yes, without you there would be no union movement. With you we make members' daily lives a little better.

In February Serves the LO Council of Representatives. One hundred shop supervisors from around the country then meet and adopt the LO's demands for a collective bargaining settlement. The task that we then begin, with negotiations in the public and private sectors, will not be finished until all the central and local settlements, in the companies that have these settlements, are completed sometime in the fall. This means that you also play a central role there.

What are the requirements? The LO will take it up in the collective bargaining agreement, and it's up to you to decide. But the Federation of Trade Unions, like the Federation of Trade Unions, is concerned with fair distribution, and that those who have the least should have the most. This is why we usually ask for krone supplements when we negotiate wages. LO has a long history of fighting low wages. The way we negotiate wages, with coordinated wage settlements with central supplements, is itself one of the most important tools against growing wage disparities. Additional supplements for those with the lowest wages help raise the bar for those who earn less.

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In the last years Many people had less to deal with. Although wages increased, they were eroded by rising energy and food prices and high interest rates. It has exceeded the purchasing power of most of us. Obviously, this creates expectations of a good wage settlement. Last year, the settlement ended in a strike for fair wages and smaller differentials. There is no doubt that this condition also applies this year.

We have expectations About a good salary settlement this year as well. There is good profitability in the industry, which LO takes as a starting point when we negotiate wages. This is called the front subject. It must lay the foundation for a good settlement in the public sector as well. There should be room for more staff this year. After several years of falling real wages, people are clearly hoping for more work.

settlement this year It becomes more important than it has been for a long time. Those who want to challenge the frontline model do so because they want more for their groups. This will increase wage differentials, and certain groups with high bargaining power will escape the most. “No, now it applies more than ever!” “Because if unity collapses and dies, there will be enough enemies waiting to divide our flock,” says Stein Uwe Berg in his book “Take One Another and Hold On.”

if If the collective cause of the front-line model is eroded, the result will be dramatically higher unemployment rates and a widening gap in society. The distribution of wages between groups in general will increase, and the challenges of wage equality in particular will become greater. Those who see themselves as benefiting from the division and fragmentation of salary negotiations are the ones who walk away with the gains the most.

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There is room for more pay this year.
There is room for more pay this year. (Photo: Bard Skara.)
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