Sydney Sweeney on the nude scenes: – He’s not my dad anymore

Sydney Sweeney on the nude scenes: – He’s not my dad anymore

Sydney Sweeney, 25, has achieved great success with a number of roles, but many may know her best from the HBO series “Euphoria.”

Ignite rumors

In the series, she plays Cassie, a popular girl who tries to cope with the intrigues of high school and boy troubles.

Sweeney was undefeated several times in the series, which neither his father nor his grandfather was ready for.

Turn off the TV

On the upcoming episode of “Sunday Today with Willie Geist,” Sweeney reveals her family’s reaction to the scantily-clad scenes.

New details: - A desire for revenge

New details: – A desire for revenge

– My father and grandfather turned off the TV and left the room, says the 25-year-old on the program, according to Page six.

Moreover, the star says that they were surprised when they saw her breasts on screen.

Uncensored: The new series, “Euphoria”, has been praised for its excellence in several areas.
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– I am no longer a father at all.

– When I talk to my dad, it’s usually not about work. We have father-daughter conversations.

I am looking for a new flame

I am looking for a new flame

On the other hand, the actress’s grandmother saw no problem with her grandson’s topless scenes. On the contrary, she was positive, and is a big fan of her grandson, the 25-year-old claims.

When the “Euphoria” star visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show last year, she could tell that her grandparents were supportive of her and her nude scenes.

Premier: HBO launched its new youth series “Euphoria”, and in the first episode the viewer is already witnessing some serious scenes.
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– They said I had the best boobs in Hollywood, she revealed, while Grandma gave her thumbs up in the studio.

– the most offended

In January of this year, Sweeney opened up about her opposite nude scenes The IndependentAs it turned out, it was difficult for her after that.

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We want children: - Not enough money

We want children: – Not enough money

At the time, the 24-year-old told, among other things, that footage from the series had gone viral on social media, and that her brother had been tagged in several publications.

– This is the most painful thing a person can do. What I do is completely separate from life with my family. My personality is completely separate from me. In the interview, she said it was disrespectful and disturbing.

intimate: A nude scene between mother and daughter in the new reality show “sMothered” sparks reactions. Video: TLC / Red Runner.
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However, in the same interview, she was able to reassure her fans that she feels taken care of while backstage. In addition to having an intimacy coordinator on set, series creator Sam Levinson shows great understanding, according to the star herself.

Criticism is welcome

Criticism is welcome

– There are moments when my character Cassie is supposed to be topless, and I say to Sam, “I don’t think it’s necessary here.”

– When I don’t want to, he doesn’t try to convince me.

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