Sylvester Stallone: ​​- Raging on the “Rocky” product

Sylvester Stallone: ​​- Raging on the "Rocky" product

Actor Sylvester Stallone, 76, achieved great success with the “Rocky” films, which became among the most popular films in the world.

Stallone starred in legendary films and wrote the script. However, he never owned the rights to the films, and is clearly unhappy with the fact that the rights belong to producer Irwin Winkler (91).

In a post on Instagram of his 15 million followers, which has now been deleted, he communicates aggressively with Winkler.

Image showing Winkler, with a snake and knife in Winkler’s mouth, using a Stallone shaft to reach the manufacturer, writes EagleAnd many other media.

longer out

He wrote that he describes Winkler as one of the “worst inhuman creatures in the film industry.” Eagle.

It is also clear what he wants:

– A very cool portrait of Irwin Winkler, from one of the best artists in the country. Also, after Irwin controlled Rocky for 47 years, and now Creed, I’d like to take back at least some of my remaining rights, before it passed just to your children.

– I guess it would be a fair gesture from this 91-year-old man? Stallone writes.

son slaying

Stallone’s engagement to Irwin Winkler doesn’t stop either. He also uses an Instagram post to attack David, son of Winkler, producer of “Rocky” Creed.

Stallone calls David, among other things, “no agonizing talent” and refers to David’s book The Arrangement. He calls it “one of the worst books I’ve ever read”.

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Stallone wrote: – If you run out of toilet paper, please buy it, you will not be disappointed.

The Winkler family has not yet commented on the case.

Demonstrations: A woman tore her dress in protest on the red carpet in Cannes on Friday, May 20. Video: Reuters/Associated Press
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The series “Rocky” was a resounding success, and Stallone played the role of Rocky Balboa in the first film from 1976. The film won three Oscars, and earned $ 117 million, according to reports. Box Office Mojo. In total, the films grossed over $1.7 billion.

Although Stallone does not have the rights, it can still be argued that he benefited greatly from the films. According to the movie’s website splash screen Stallone is reported to have earned nearly $400 million in the film series.

The first five films were written by Stallone among others, and he was also a producer of “The Creed” films.

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