Sylvie Listog about the pictures from Rafah: – They look terrible

Sylvie Listog about the pictures from Rafah: – They look terrible

Since Monday night, Israel has launched several attacks on the city of Rafah. The city was home to more than a million internally displaced people who fled from other areas of Gaza. This comes after the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to stop the military attack in the region before the end of the week.

In an attack that occurred on Monday night, 45 people lost their lives after an Israeli attack led to a large fire in a tent refugee camp in Rafah. Many powerful and horrific videos from the area show several dead and charred bodies.

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu described the attack as a “tragic incident” and opened an investigation into what happened.

However, Christlig Volkparti's foreign policy spokesman and his deputy Dag-Inge Olsztyn believe that this cannot simply be accepted as a mistake.

– It is cruel for Israel to kill internally displaced civilians in this way. Although Israel now says this was a mistake, the possibility of such a mistake simply cannot be accepted, he told ABC's Nyheter.

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I do not agree with the wording of the International Court of Justice

The Progress Party has positioned itself as one of the most pro-Israel parties in parliament. When ABC Nyheter asked party leader Sylvie Listog what she and the party thought about Israel continuing to attack despite the International Court of Justice ordering them to stop, she questioned the wording.

We note that there are different opinions on how to interpret the ruling of the International Court of Justice. The wording indicates that the International Court of Justice did not order a complete halt to the attack.

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Listog and the FRP believe that Israel has the right to defend itself, but point out that this must be in line with the rules of international law.

– They must follow the rules and take the civilian population into account. It is terrible to see all the suffering and death of innocent people, and I am glad that Israel has said very clearly that the attack on the Khiam camp in Rafah that led to the deaths of innocent people this week was a tragic mistake and that they will investigate it. Listhaug to ABC News.

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Watch the video: The camp caught fire after an Israeli attack

Listog: – The signal is that terrorism is paying off

Yesterday, Norway's recognition of Palestine as a state also came into force, which was criticized by both the Frp and KrF parties.

Listog believes the timing of the confession is extremely unfortunate, and claims it gives a signal that terrorism is paying off.

– Why does the Progress Party think it is wrong to recognize Palestine as a separate state?

– The Reform and Reform Party supports the two-state solution, and wants to recognize the Palestinian state in line with that. But we believe that the creation of a Palestinian state should be part of the negotiations, where, among other things, borders, the refugee issue and the status of Jerusalem are agreed, she says and continues:

– The Norwegian government recognized a non-existent state. We also think the timing is very unfortunate. This would not have happened had Hamas terrorists not carried out their bloody attack on Israel. The sign is that terrorism pays off.

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Listog points out that Hamas was quick to thank Norway. Listog believes this shows that the government's stated intention to strengthen moderate forces has completely failed.

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KrF concerns for peace work

Olsztyn and KrF fear recognition now will derail peace efforts.

– A short time ago, Barth Eide justified the choice not to vote in favor of recognition by the fact that it would “make negotiations between Palestine and Israel on peace and a two-state solution in the future more difficult.” He also said that “Norway has a very well-established tradition of recognizing reality” and “at the moment there is no coherent area, structure or authority that could represent a Palestinian state.” That hasn't changed, Olstein says, and this recognition is unfortunately helping to set peace efforts back.

KRF deputy leader Dag-Inge Olsztyn.  Photo: Haakon Mosvold-Larsen/NTB

KRF deputy leader Dag-Inge Olsztyn. Photo: Haakon Mosvold-Larsen/NTB

When ABC Nyheter asked Foreign Minister Espen Barth Ede on Tuesday whether the ministry had made up its mind on whether recognition could affect the relationship with Israel and the possibility of helping with mediation, Barth Ede responded that Norway still wanted to communicate closely with the Israeli authorities. .

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He said that development is moving in the wrong direction in the absence of the peace process and a political solution to the conflict.

– Neither Palestinians nor Israelis can live their lives in safety. Therefore we must think differently and act accordingly. He added that it is no longer possible to postpone recognition until after a peace settlement is reached.

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FRP will do that

The one thing they all agree on is that the solution for the future is a two-state solution. But Listog is clear that the stabilization plan will proceed differently than the current government.

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Listog says: “We will recognize the Palestinian state within the framework of a negotiated solution between the two parties.”

We will also present tougher demands to the Palestinian Authority.

The Financial Stabilization Program has long questioned how the Palestinian Authority spends the money it receives in aid from Norway. Listog believes that they should not receive Norwegian tax money without the necessary struggle against “corruption and reform of educational materials that today glorify terrorism and have removed the State of Israel from the map.”

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– This helps keep conflict away. In addition, we will list Hamas as a terrorist organization. There is no doubt that this is a terrorist organization. It is incomprehensible to us why the government does not put them on the terrorist list.

Listog says that if two states – one Israeli and one Palestinian – living side by side in peace are to become a reality, Hamas must cease to exist and be fought.

– She adds that the extremist forces on the other side should do so as well.

K.F.: – The two-state solution cannot be given up

When KrF looks at a two-state solution, where Israel and Palestine recognize each other and their borders, they believe both countries bear responsibility.

– Both Hamas and Netanyahu have a very long way to go before the agreement becomes realistic, but there are more constructive parties on both sides, so the two-state solution cannot be abandoned, says Olstein and adds:

– With each passing day, it leaves profound traces on an entire generation of Palestinians and Israelis. It is vital that the war ends and that the hostages are released.

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