Taxi, Taxi Industry | Roald’s taxi journey was three times longer than expected: – I felt cheated

Taxi, Taxi Industry |  Roald’s taxi journey was three times longer than expected: – I felt cheated

– It’s not serious, pensioner and ex-policeman Roald Berndtsen resigns.

On a Sunday in March, Berndsen flew from Stavanger to Oslo – a trip he made regularly. When he arrived at Oslo Central Station, he strolled towards the taxi line to catch a taxi to his apartment in Frogner.

Don’t want to pay first

The journey from Oslo Central Station to Frogner Apartments is 6.2 kilometers. Berndsen used to pay a maximum of NOK 350 for this taxi ride. He was surprised when he was told that the trip would cost NOK 909.

– I initially replied that I did not want to pay. That’s what I said first, says Berndtsen.

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The taxi driver tells the pensioner that today is Sunday and that is the reason it is so expensive.

The driver told Berndtsen to call the taxi company, not the price he usually pays regardless of whether it’s Sunday or not.

The pensioner takes the receipt and tries to call the taxi company. No one answers the phone. Berndsen tried to call several times, but there was no answer.

– I felt very cheated. Then, I always ask for a fixed price. He says only then will he get the right price.

– This is a free publication

This is how the taxi industry works in Oslo today, says taxi company owner Mohammad Sajar Askar. The taxi company’s name is also on – a page with important information about Norwegian companies – as is Asker’s name.

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– Everyone has their own prices. We have high prices and many do. Mohammad Asghar tells Netavisen that it is a free publication.

He also asserts that the rise in prices is due to the rise in prices in society in general.

– Everything has become more expensive: petrol, tolls and insurance, he says.

No more “taking a taxi”.

Dorbjorn Brenna, director of the Taxi Association, believes that the Conservative Party’s liberalization of the taxi industry has created greater price differentials.

– The number of players has increased, Brenna says, and players are operating with different pricing models and services than before.

Earlier it was “taking a taxi”, but now consumers have completely different issues to take into account.

– Most of the work is given to consumers and they have to find out in advance which taxis they want and need to take, he concludes.

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