Taylor Swift, private plane | Taylor Swift receives criticism for using private jets

Taylor Swift, private plane |  Taylor Swift receives criticism for using private jets

The American star teams up with American football player Travis Kelce for the Kansas City Chiefs and can usually be found in the stands when the team plays matches across the USA.

According to a recent study, the private plane she used emits at least ten times as much harmful greenhouse gases as if she had flown on a scheduled flight, and now Swift is receiving criticism.

On February 11, Swift will likely be in attendance when her boyfriend's team plays the Super Bowl final in Las Vegas, even if she was on stage in Tokyo the night before.

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If she used her own plane, a Dassault Falcon 900LX, the emissions from the 31,000 km long flight across the Pacific would be 14 times what an average American family emits in one year.

Swift's use of private jets shows the big difference between wealthy and low-income people in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases each person emits, says Professor Julia Stein of the University of California.

Professor Jeff Colgan of Brown University believes that the criticism directed at Swift is unfair.

– It's surprising that so many people resent Swift, when most people using private jets are men over 50.

A Swift spokesperson told The Washington Post that the artist is paying climate compensation for the use of the private jet, but would not go into detail about who she is paying or how much.

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