Therefore, it is not the law with Norway

Therefore, it is not the law with Norway

Do you carry your mobile phone on flights?

The probability of the answer being “yes” is very high.

Disappears: A good deal of luggage gets lost or arrives late after flights. So, it's a good idea to do this before sending your luggage! Video: Story Blocks / Embla Hjord-Larsson.

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96 percent of the population owns their own mobile phone and we spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on mobile phones. It shows Statistics Statistics from Norway's media barometer.

In short

  • Did you know that there are strict regulations for charging mobile phones during flight?
  • According to Aviner, power banks are prohibited from being carried in checked baggage, and there are restrictions in hand luggage.
  • Norwegian does not allow the use of power banks for charging on their flights.

On airplanes, we use it to check-in and get through security. Maybe pay for food, drink, duty-free and other items at the airport.

Tightens inside

It would be wise to have an extra battery pack called a power bank.

But not everyone knows that there can be strict rules for charging a mobile phone during a flight.

The battery is exhausted

Many of us use mobile phones on the way to the airport, not while sitting and waiting to board the plane.

Size Count: Check the rules before taking a power bank on a flight.  Photo: Odd Roar Lange

Size Count: Check the rules before taking a power bank on a flight. Photo: Odd Roar Lange
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Batteries drain, and charging at the airport isn't always possible. Many people think they can charge on board, but here you can have a real blast.

With few exceptions, SAS flights have charging options. This means power bank charging is unnecessary, but there are no charging options on Norwegian flights.

It is when it comes to charging and mobile phones Many international rules apply to all airlines.

Aviner explains it this way:

No tax problem

No tax problem

“Emergency chargers, or so-called power banks, are prohibited from being plugged in. I have entered Baggage. These are want Full of hand luggage.

But hand luggage also has a limit on size and number. Check with your airline about what you can bring in the cabin. Avinar explains.

Again: - Sorry

Return Again:- Sorry

If you travel with Norwegian, there are very special rules that not everyone knows about.

It is not allowed

“Please note that power banks are not permitted to charge your electronic devices on our flights.”

This printer Norwegian on its websites.

You must carry it on board in your hand luggage, but you are not allowed to use it on board.

This is what the Norwegian says

– There is no possibility of charging on flights, senior communications consultant, Elaine Hygan Scurry, tells DinSide, and continues:

Do you have a tip about traveling with Norwegian?

Hello, my name is Odd Roar Lange and I am a travel expert and journalist for DinSide and Dagbladet., Norway's largest consumer website Do you have a tip on traveling with Norwegian? Or do you have an experience, question or wise advice that others should know about?

– We follow EASA's recommendations for handling and use of emergency chargers. If the industry standard should allow it, we will do a new assessment, but as of today it is not allowed to be used on board.

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