Taylor Swift’s movie breaks records FinanceAffairs.com

Taylor Swift’s movie breaks records  FinanceAffairs.com

Taylor Swift filmed a movie about her ongoing concert tour, and last week the stage was set for the big premiere.

It has become another lucrative cause for the very popular artist. In its opening weekend, the “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” concert film grossed between $126 and $130 million globally — about NOK 1.4 billion.

And according to estimated numbers from AMC Theaters Distribution, the world’s largest movie theater chain, it shows The Wall Street Journal.

In the United States alone, the film has grossed about $95 million, already beating, among other things, this year’s new Indiana Jones film.

By comparison, this year’s mega-talk show “Barbie” grossed $155 million at the box office in its first weekend, setting a new U.S. annual record.

Extreme demand

Swift’s film is expected to jump to No. 6 during the highest-grossing opening weekends of 2023, ahead of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the premiere was particularly strong because it was released in October, an unusually late time in the year for major movie hits.

The tour itself, also called the “Tour for the Ages”, was legendary and praised to the heavens. It was so difficult, and not the least expensive, to secure concert tickets that Ticketmaster’s systems crashed when tickets were posted.

Strong demand may have contributed to more people choosing to see “The Eras Tour” in the cinema. About 4.8 million people are said to have watched the film over the weekend CNBCWhere 80 percent of them are women.

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Beyoncé, who recently finished her tour, is scheduled to release a concert film next December.

Steinreich is a pop artist

The tour kicked off in March and runs until November 2024, and is likely to be the biggest ever. Swift plans to hold 146 concerts on five continents over a period of approximately two years.

CNN It was estimated that the tour could generate a record $2.2 billion in ticket revenue, the equivalent of 24 billion kroner – and that’s just in the USA. Additionally, Swift has a huge economic impact on the cities she visits, as partygoers spend money on food, hotels, shopping and travel.

Taylor Swift isn’t called the Queen of Pop for nothing. Her last album, “Midnights,” was released exactly one year ago, after which Spotify ended up buckling under the pressure of everyone who wanted to listen to the record.

Forbes magazine estimated the 33-year-old’s wealth at $740 million, or just under 8 billion kroner.

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