Temporarily canceling guardianship: – Praise be to God!

Temporarily canceling guardianship: - Praise be to God!

Earlier this month, the star asked to be released from custody, which passed when the decision was made at a hearing in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

It was Judge Brenda Penny, who previously rejected a claim to remove Jimmy Spears as regent – but late Wednesday night Norwegian time it became clear that her father had been suspended.

The guardianship will be temporarily taken over by the accountant general, but whether it is finally terminated will be determined at a future hearing. However, this is something both parties have expressed as desirable.

Guardianship ends

For more than 13 years, he has been in control of her financial and business affairs, after she showed signs of mental illness in the early 2000s.

James Spears made it clear earlier that he did not want to continue the guardianship, as this was against the interests of the daughter.

During Wednesday’s hearing, family members could have the opportunity to oppose Jimmy Spears’ disqualification as trustee, but that was not expected to happen. Earlier, her mother, Lynne Spears, stated that her daughter is able to take care of herself.

And her fiancé congratulated her on Instagram with photos of a lioness. It is also tagged as “Free Britney”.

– I did that. He wrote in her story that her fans are called the army for a reason.

Several other celebrities have shown their joy at the expired guardianship, among them pop icon.

– Thank God! I’ve been talking and asking for this for four years now, I tweeted.

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– Shocked

The case received a lot of attention after the pop star this summer voiced his fierce opposition to guardianship.

At a hearing in June, she said she was drugged and forced to work against her will, and refused to stop using contraceptives.

– I’m shocked, she said during the hearing.

The Free Britney movement eagerly waited for the outcome outside court in Los Angeles.

On the Instagram user, who has more than 90,000 followers, they posted a movie of the day out of court. There were vocals with Britney classics, speeches and posters with supportive quotes.

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