Terribly wrong day – VG

Terribly wrong day - VG
Bad ending: The last day of 2021 was not what Harald Ostberg Amundsen had hoped.

OBERSTDORF (VG) Harald Østberg Amundsen (23) struggled to swallow 43rd place after the race as he was set to cement his candidacy in the Olympic debate. At the same time, the “rival” Sjoer Roth (33) gave an advanced race.

Ruth took third place in a combined 15-kilometre race at the start of skiing in Oberstdorf on Friday. Amundsen ended up over a minute late. It was a useful consolation by taking a ninth place in the 23-year-old sprint.

It was a good experience after a really dark day on New Year’s Eve, Amundsen tells VG.

On Monday is the shared 15-kilometer classic start in Italy’s Val di Fiemme, and on Tuesday the Tour de Ski ends with “Monsterbakken” at the same venue.

– What happened on New Year’s Eve?

– Everything went completely wrong. Wrong skate choice, bad body and little on the chopping block. I just stopped. I was really disappointed.

He’s delivered solid results under pressure almost every time, but believes the blowout “has to come sooner or later”.

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– I have a twin sister (Hada, in the national recruiting team) who has had more setbacks than me. “It’s almost time, Harald,” said she, “to have a bad day, too.” “The shit happens.” I just have to turn the ship over, Amundsen says.

Twins: Harald and Hedda Østberg Amundsen. He is in the national team in all respects, while she is in the national team for recruitment. Here in Beitostølen pre-season.

– But did he come on the wrong day given the Olympic selection?

– He came on a terribly wrong day. I was way off, but I had to fight in the round and take the chances I get.

Johannes Husflut Klapow, Eric Valnes, Emil Iversen, Semen Hegstad Kreuger, Havard Sollas Taugboul and Hans Krister Holland were taken to the Olympics. Two seats left. One goes after all sun signs to Pål Golberg.

Thus, it is likely that it is Ruth and Amundsen who are fighting for the latter.

– What do you think of the Olympic chances now?

– Sogur made a good character, but at the same time I beat him on other ice rinks this season. I do not know how to confirm.

– Could he be saving you Failed form Emile Iverson?

– I don’t know how it is. Amundsen replies that he hasn’t been in great shape in a while, but he’ll probably be back.

Iverson left home Tour de Ski After many days to know the disembarkation. He stated that he wouldn’t travel to the Olympics if he didn’t get better answers than he did in Linzerheide.

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National team coach Eric Mer-Nossum answers the question of whether Iversen’s decline could open up opportunities for both Ruth and Amundsen – or Martin Lustrom-Ningett.

– So far we haven’t thought. Emil took us to the Olympics because we know what he can do when he’s level, says we fast.

Sjoor-Roth caught a cold just before Christmas, and so was more than happy to get up on New Years Eve, cementing his Olympic candidacy.

“I’ve been insecure and excited lately, so it’s very good to have such a good skate race,” says Roth.

Pål Golberg is curious what the Olympic team will be like in the end.

– If Emil didn’t feel like he had anything to do at the Olympics, he wouldn’t travel. He has historically good results, so there will be a conversation between him and the coaches. What Saggour shows with this charge is quite impressive. Golberg says it shows a little off his head.

The president also paid tribute to Røthe.

– Brilliantly happy with the Saggur race. I wasn’t sure he would enter the Tour, and I was very pleased he got that race, says Nasum.

10. January More will be carried over to the Olympics. The Tour de Ski ends with a combined 15-kilometre start and “Monster Hill” in Val di Fiemme on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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