March 21, 2023


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Tesla considers order to stop - ITavisen

Tesla considers order to stop – ITavisen

Tesla is unable to deliver cars at a normal pace due to high demand as well as a lack of components.

Consider a stop order option

The demand is so great that Musk calls it “ridiculous.” Now the Tesla boss is considering pulling the trigger and stopping the possibility of new orders.

We may limit or stop accepting orders after a certain period of time because some deliveries are more than a year away.

Elon Musk

Norway is waiting for new models

As is known, accept Tesla Reservations (with a deposit of 1,000 kroner) on the Model X and S, but they have no pricing or release date – that’s waiting for the new models coming to Norway.

Pricing and options will be finalized as delivery approaches. You will be notified to complete your order when prices and final options are posted. Until then, the order will be considered a pre-order that you can cancel with a full refund,” Tesla reports on its Norwegian online store about the Model X and S.

The cheapest Model 3 cannot be delivered until next year

When we take a look at the Model Y, the Long Range and Performance models can be delivered between August and October this year – no used models of this can be found in the online Tesla store.

The Model 3 is even worse: The more expensive rear-wheel drive model cannot be delivered before January to March 2023, and is therefore at risk of being affected by Musk’s plan. The same applies in the long run, while the performance can be presented in September to November of this year.

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