Tesla has finally launched FSD v 12

Tesla has finally launched FSD v 12

Tesla is finally ready to release version 12.1.2 beta of its operating system, an update that brings FSD capabilities to the US.

Now more people can take the test, not just Tesla employees

The function was subject to a longer beta testing period for selected Tesla owners on the other side of the Atlantic. “FSD Beta v12 upgrades the city street driving suite to a single comprehensive neural network trained on millions of videos, replacing more than 300,000 lines of C++ code,” the manufacturer wrote in the launch notes about the new release.

The company promised to launch the update on the eve of last year after a series of delays. Now another beta version has been launched, and although it is a beta version, there will likely be a lot more customers who can try it out now. According to Musk, it's the 12th version that misses the “beta” tag, but we're not sure if that applies to this particular new version.

“Tesla has expanded its full self-driving beta program with the first public release of FSD Beta 12.1.2 to a select group of non-employees. This release features the use of a comprehensive neural network, which is expected to improve the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).” “Tesla has previously released FSD Beta v12 internally, including v12, v12.1, and v12.1.1, but v12.1.2 is the first available to non-employees,” Notateslaapp.com adds.

“Much better”

Beta testers who tested the new version say that the FSD function works much better and that you do not need “absolute intervention” from the driver and that the car no longer drives with strange cornering or “difficult moments”.

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“Smooth, hassle-free driving.” “This matches what we've heard from most Tesla employees since earlier this month!” @teslascope enthused on X.

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