Tesla Model 3 – Lights Update

Tesla Model 3 – Lights Update

(Al Bill 24): There are almost no limits to what can be updated in a modern car, and one of the recent updates to the Tesla Model 3 is a good example of that.

In the update with build number 2024.2, Tesla has upgraded the lights on the new Model 3, so that the high beams are now adaptive.

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This means it adapts to other traffic and dazzles individual pixels in the headlights, so you can still get high beams 'around' other traffic. Previously, the car had automatic high beam meaning the car itself turned on the high beams if the “coast was clear”, but then it was either all the pixels in the high beam or none of them.

In the video below you can see how it works:

If you've updated to the current or later version, you'll find the setting under Controls > Light > Adaptive Light.

The function is also activated automatically if you activate automatic steering in the car. If you press the high beam button on the steering wheel, you can select adaptive high beam directly from the display.

according to Notice board Tesla began equipping some of its cars with matrix lights early in 2021, but has not activated the function yet, only for the new Model 3.

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