Tesla recalls 127,785 Model 3

Tesla recalls 127,785 Model 3

Tesla will recall 127785 Model 3 in China. the reason is According to Reuters A possible defect in semiconductor components that can lead, in the worst case, to collisions.

The cars were built between January 2019 and January 2022. Of the cars, 34,207 were imported, while 93,578 were produced in China.

Tslacon Texas

However, this news was completely overshadowed by the opening today of a new Tesla plant in Texas, which will produce, among other things, the Tesla e-truck. In addition, the Tesla Owners Club of Austin is hosting a 5-day conference and “revival meeting” – Tslacon Texas – Party, fun, mingle and share experiences on all levels for Tesla Rescuers.

Among other things, there will be speakers from the automotive world, but there will also be investors known to the Tesla community. And no one should be surprised if Elon Musk also appears on the so-called Giga Texas Cyber ​​Rodeo Tesla.

He will set the world record

Attempts will also be made to break the record for the most Tesla cars in one place at a time, but nothing is said about the current record. However, it should be possible to collect a part because more than 2.5 million different Tesla models will now be produced.

Tesla shares fell 4.2 percent to $1,045.76 on the Nasdaq on Wednesday, but rose 1.1 percent to $1,056.66 in pre-trading trading on Thursday.

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