Tesla: – The steering wheel is a wear part

Tesla: – The steering wheel is a wear part

Christian spirit: “The steering column junction is in constant motion and is a wear part,” Tesla wrote in a letter to consumer authorities. The car manufacturer refused to cover repair costs when a man from Kristiansand complained.

“I had problems with the car not wanting to straighten out after turning. The car was hard on the wheel. It became very dangerous to drive, because there was a lot of resistance in the steering wheel when turning,” the man wrote in a letter related to the complaint.

The steering column cross is broken

The magazine writes this engine In an article published Thursday.

The name of the car's owner was not mentioned, but he is from Kristiansand. He had bought a new Tesla Model S, and after four and a half years he had problems turning the steering wheel. The steering column crossover was faulty.

The car manufacturer believes that Tesla may be more vulnerable on Norwegian roads.
picture: Tor Majaland

Salty and winding roads

Tesla responded that this was not covered by the right to complain. The reason is that the part is located far in the front of the car. It is exposed to corrosion and external influences, and in this case it has been subjected to rust attack. With 117,000 kilometers traveled, Tesla thought the new car's warranty had expired.

They also believe that Norwegian roads are more demanding due to salt and high humidity, and that this is particularly bad on gravel roads or on the coast.

The Consumer Complaints Commission did not agree, and completely agreed with the car owner. Thus, Tesla had to cover the repair cost of 4,400 kroner.

Fædrelandsvennen was in contact with the complainant on Thursday. He says he is done with the case and has no further comment.

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