Erlind Elias, Erlind Elias Bragstad

Erlind Elias, Erlind Elias Bragstad

In Nettavisen's Easter column, it's all about Easter, and many celebrities talk about their plans for this holiday and their best and worst memories of Easter. At the very least, they reveal what they should have in the Easter egg. From us to you – Happy Easter!

TV profiler and designer Erlend Elias Bragstad (41 years old) has participated in a number of reality shows such as “Farmen kjendis”, “Skal vi danse” and “Camp Culinaris”. He also has the podcast “Homsen og Bomsen” with Fritz Anes (43).

There are certain things Bragstad should do on Easter, but partying and alcohol are not among those things this year.

Here's our Easter talk with Erlind Elias:

What are your plans for Easter and who will you spend it with?
– You know, this year I will celebrate Easter in the city. I have traveled a lot on tour with “Homsen og Bomsen” and my own shows and lectures, so being able to stay at home in my apartment and my city now seems strange and interesting. Then I agreed with several friends who would come on a trip, spend the night and cook dinner together. Then I'll be staying by myself for a few nights, so it'll be exciting here.

What is your Easter tradition?
– Being in the north. All my close relatives are also there this year, as usual. So maybe it would be a bit strange not to be there, there are Easter lambs, egg hunts, and lots of walking in the woods with snowshoes and skis.

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What is the most overrated Easter tradition?
– In recent years there have been Easter Murders and Easter Egg stories, so I'll give that up, but this year it will be an exciting book and crossword puzzle. Other than that, I'm a lover of tradition, and it takes a lot to upset my traditions.

What is your best Easter memory?
– Maybe it was when we all gathered at my grandfather's when I was little. A delicious dinner cooked on the stove while we were on the mountain in Kjeldeböten, my family, my uncles and aunts, all in the same house. Absolutely magical.

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What is your worst Easter memory?
– I don't think I have any worse, maybe I'll be lucky there.

What should you have in an Easter egg?
-Marzipan, marshmallows, and everything else mommy puts in. She is an expert at sourcing the best eggs and a mix of treats and sweets.

Easter in the city or Easter in the cottage?
– This year it's Easter in the city, but with some twists. But Easter in Nordland is the best, and there's also a lot of fun at the Kautokino Easter Festival.

Ski trip or après ski?
– I have never been to an après-ski place, Easter is a family time and there is no alcohol. Mostly snooping and candy.

Quick lunch or marzipan?
– Marzipan in the living room, and a quick lunch on the ski slope.

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Easter puzzle or crossword?
– Yes, if it's a good crime story like Vera or Poirot, that's the first choice.

Do you have an Easter activity you recommend?
-Be happy and social and find something to eat no matter the weather or place. You have to enjoy life, it is here and now. I love quizzes and other games, so there will be plenty of that.

Orange with chocolate, yes or no?
– It's a taste of Easter – yay!

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